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Sakura by Acqua di Parma

Sakura by Acqua di Parma
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019

What Does Sakura Smell Like

Sakura by Acqua di Parma opens with a bright, vivid splash of mandarin orange, a pronounced, zesty scent that holds equal footing with the spiciness of pink pepper. Complementing this lively duo is a subtle hint of Calabrian bergamot, adding a smooth citrus finish.

Following the top notes, the perfume's heart unfolds. The dominant note here is the cherry blossom, adding a soft, floral tone to the mix. It's reminiscent of a blossoming cherry tree in springtime, sweet and slightly fruity. Jasmine sambac makes a discreet appearance, adding a subtle exotic touch.

As the perfume settles, a warm layer of musk comes to the surface. It's not overpowering, but rather a tranquil and soft musk—a comforting presence that's cozy and familiar.

All the different components merge together to create a perfume that's fresh and floral with a sweet, fruity twist. Citrus elements lend an energetic brightness, while the musk base note lends a soft, warm finish. Overall, Sakura by Acqua di Parma reflects the essence of spring, embodying the aroma of a serene, blossoming garden.

Review of Sakura

Acqua di Parma’s Sakura perfume is a delicate blend of floral and fresh notes that paints a vivid picture of spring. It's a scent that predominantly appeals to women with its gentle allure, although it carries a unisex appeal. The perfume is reminiscent of serene cherry blossom viewing, with subtle hints of mandarin orange and pink pepper adding a twist of vibrancy.

Sakura is distinctly uplifting and can be considered as a daytime perfume. It's a great companion for leisurely activities and can easily fit into your everyday routine. Whether you're off to a business meeting or planning a laid-back day, this perfume can add a touch of sophistication to your persona without being overpowering.

The scent's freshness makes it a perfect choice for the warmer seasons of spring and summer, providing a sweet relief from the heat. However, its performance may not meet the expectations of those who prefer a scent that lasts all day and night. The longevity of Sakura is moderate, and its sillage is on the softer side, which means it may not be very noticeable in crowded places or large gatherings.

In terms of value, Sakura sits in the middle of the spectrum. While it's not a budget-friendly option, its unique scent profile and the brand’s reputation arguably justify the price tag.

Overall, Sakura by Acqua di Parma is a breezy, floral fragrance that celebrates spring in a bottle. It's a perfume that offers a refreshing, light-hearted experience, although its performance could use improvement. The perfume is ideal for those who appreciate subtlety and elegance in their scents.

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