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Grenadille d'Afrique by Aedes de Venustas

Grenadille d'Afrique by Aedes de Venustas
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Grenadille d'Afrique

What Does Grenadille d'Afrique Smell Like

As soon as you inhale Grenadille d'Afrique by Aedes de Venustas, you are greeted by an initial crisp, citrus-like scent from the bergamot, intermingling with the soft, herbal undertones of lavender. This is not a sharp, piercing lavender; instead, it's calm and soothing, almost reminiscent of a lush, English garden in the early spring.

As the perfume evolves, the woody aroma from the juniper starts to assert itself, adding a touch of spiciness that's closely followed by the whispery sweetness of violets. This combination gives the perfume a satisfyingly green and fresh nuance, like leaves under a dewy morning sun.

The dry down of the fragrance is where the real depth comes in. The earthy, smoky notes of vetiver are prominent, evoking images of a dense, beautiful forest. Alongside this, a sweet and rich hint of labdanum comes forth, accompanied by the gentle warmth of musk, adding an enticing resinous layer. The vanilla note is merely a ghost, offering a slight, sweet creaminess without overwhelming the rest of the composition. Lastly, the white tea note is virtually indistinguishable.

Overall, Grenadille d'Afrique exhibits a dance between bright, herbaceous aromas and deep, earthy undertones that captivate the senses.

Review of Grenadille d'Afrique

Grenadille d'Afrique by Aedes de Venustas has a certain mystique to it that transcends the boundary of gender, attracting a considerably higher number of men than women. As a unisex fragrance, it presents an earthy, woody aroma, a subtle nod to its African inspiration. The spicy undertone adds a rich complexity, making it an attractive choice for those in search of a fragrance that dares to be different.

This perfume is a good match for the cooler months of fall and spring. Its warm, resinous notes provide a comforting embrace against the chill. However, the fresh green notes ensure it doesn't become overwhelming, allowing it to maintain a level of versatility that makes it wearable in both summer and winter.

Given its distinct character, Grenadille d'Afrique is a perfume that caters well to leisure activities. Yet, it retains an air of formality, making it an acceptable choice for business engagements. The evening seems to draw out its allure, making it a fitting companion for night outs.

In terms of longevity, it seems to hold up well throughout the day, but possibly may not last through longer engagements, so be prepared for a top-up if necessary. Its sillage is moderate, not the sort that would announce your arrival before you even step into the room.

For the price, Grenadille d'Afrique sits comfortably in the mid-range, providing good value considering its overall quality and uniqueness. A hint of sweetness softens its otherwise bold profile, making it a worthy option for those who know how to appreciate a fragrance with a bit of flair.

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