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Tangier Vanille by Aerin

Tangier Vanille by Aerin
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Brand: Aerin

What Does Tangier Vanille Smell Like

Tangier Vanille by Aerin emits an initial scent that combines the sweet richness of bourbon vanilla with the softer, rosy touch of Bulgarian rose and a nimble hint of Italian bergamot, creating an enticing opening. The aroma of bourbon vanilla is dominant, providing a dessert-like sweetness that is masterfully tempered by the more subtle floral and citrus elements. As the fragrance evolves, the hint of amber emerges, lending a warm and mellow touch to the composition. This mid-layer note adds depth, but doesn't overwhelm or overtake the blend. The undercurrent of musk reaffirms the underlying sophistication of the perfume, offering a whisper of animalistic appeal that plays beautifully against the sweet and floral notes. The final addition of sandalwood provides a soft, woody finish, it brings the perfume back to earth, grounding the sweetness of the vanilla and adding a dimension of calm serenity to the overall scent profile. Tangier Vanille by Aerin is a blend of sweet, powdery, creamy, gourmand and floral notes that creates a sensory experience of delicate indulgence, warmth and soothing comfort.

Review of Tangier Vanille

Tangier Vanille by Aerin, introduced in 2016, is a perfume that is an appreciative nod to women who value a blend of sweet, powdery, and creamy accents. Its scent profile is a distinctive blend that is well-suited to those who appreciate gourmand and floral notes with a dash of woody and oriental undertones.

The dominant aroma of bourbon vanilla ensures a sweet, warming scent, something akin to a comforting hug on a crisp autumn day. In fact, fall is a perfect season to wear this perfume, although it does perform well in spring and winter too. Its suitability for summer is relatively limited due to its richness.

This perfume stands out for its versatility in terms of occasions. Whether you're enjoying a leisurely day, heading to work, or prepping for a night out, Tangier Vanille adds an elegant and inviting touch to your ensemble. However, its sillage isn't the most impressive, meaning it's not a scent that will command the room. It remains a personal scent, noticed most by the wearer and those within close proximity.

As for longevity, it does fall slightly short. You may need to reapply this perfume throughout the day to keep the scent alive. If you prefer a perfume with strong staying power, you might find Tangier Vanille a bit lacking.

In terms of value, it sits comfortably in the middle range. It's not the most affordable perfume on the market, but its unique scent profile justifies its price tag for those who appreciate a sweet, creamy, and slightly powdery fragrance.

All in all, Tangier Vanille is a solid choice for women seeking a perfume that is comforting, elegant, and versatile.

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