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Aigner N°1 by Aigner

Aigner N°1 by Aigner
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2012
Brand: Aigner

Key Notes of Aigner N°1

What Does Aigner N°1 Smell Like

Aigner N°1 by Aigner opens to a sharp, peppery scent, tempered by the cool citrusy undertones of bergamot. The hints of cedar leaf and tarragon subtly echo a taste of fresh, aromatic woods and mild spice. As the initial surge of spicy freshness begins to subside, the heart notes emerge. Geranium lends a floral touch, mellowing down the sharpness with its sweet, rosy fragrance. This is layered with a touch of cinnamon's warm spiciness and the slightly piquant nuance of ginger.

As the perfume dries down, the base notes come to play, revealing a deep, woody character. The prominent cedar note gives it a robust, resinous scent, complemented by the animalistic hint of musk. The earthy, woody aroma of vetiver adds depth, while the slightly sweet, woody scent of sandalwood softens the mix. Frankincense imparts a resinous, smoky whisper, while the touch of labdanum introduces a balsamic, sweetly sour touch to the blend. The oud lends a final, faint hint of rich, resinous woodiness at the close. Overall, the perfume transitions from a spicy, fresh opening to a satisfyingly rich, woody dry-down, making it a symphony of textures and moods in scent.

Review of Aigner N°1

Aigner N°1 by Aigner, an Eau de Toilette formulated for men, stands as a scent that's quite daring in its aromatic adventure. Unleashed to the perfume world in 2012, it predominantly appeals to a mature audience, and it's clear why. It's not an in-your-face fragrance, but it offers an intriguing blend of fresh and spicy notes that are complemented by a woody undertone.

The scent profile is quite diverse, touching upon multiple scent categories. It's a delicate balancing act, but Aigner manages to pull it off. There's a noticeable spiciness thanks to the pepper, counterbalanced by the freshness of bergamot. The warmth of cedar leaves and the subtle sharpness of tarragon adds an additional layer to the scent.

You will appreciate Aigner N°1 if you are looking for a fragrance that's not too sweet, not too fresh, but sits comfortably in the middle, with a nod towards the spicy, woody scents. It's versatile enough to be worn in different seasons, with fall and spring being the best fit.

It's a fragrance that fits into the daily routine of a man who has a busy schedule, especially in a business setting. Still, it's casual enough for leisure activities. It might not be the best choice for a night out or an intense workout session due to its moderate longevity and sillage.

As for value, Aigner N°1 may not be the most affordable fragrance out there, but it doesn't come with an overbearing price tag either. It's a respectable mid-range option for those seeking an everyday perfume. However, its synthetic note can be distracting for some. It's not a deal-breaker but worth considering if you prefer more natural-smelling perfumes.

In conclusion, Aigner N°1 successfully marries fresh, spicy, and woody notes into a fragrance that's unique but not too daring. It's a safe and reliable choice for the seasoned gentlemen out there.

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