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Sung Homme by Alfred Sung

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1989

Key Notes of Sung Homme

What Does Sung Homme Smell Like

Sung Homme by Alfred Sung opens with a lively, piquant pulse of juniper berry and sage. The immediate aroma is vividly spicy yet strikes a touch of freshness, bright and invigorated by the subtle tang of bergamot. Hints of pepper and caraway add an extra kick, while lemon brings a gentle citrus backdrop, setting up the stage for a complex spiraling of fragrances.

In the heart, a somewhat unusual blend of aldehydes rears its head, adding a light, airy quality to the ensemble. Its presence mingles seamlessly with the sweet, slightly peppery scent of geraniums, with carnation and jasmine adding a soft floral touch. Traces of rose and stone pine needle subtly underscore this aromatic whirl, never overshadowing but enhancing the overall scent.

As the fragrance settles, the base notes emerge with an earthy, grounding weight. Oakmoss dominates, its rich, woody aroma peppered with the refreshing essence of fir and musk. There's a slight hint of the exotic in the form of patchouli and vetiver, while sandalwood and cedar lend a timeless, classic appeal. Faint whispers of leather add a dash of masculinity, rounding off Sung Homme's scent with a robust yet refined charm.

Review of Sung Homme

Alfred Sung's Sung Homme, released in 1989, is an eau de toilette that's held its own over the decades. Preferred primarily by a mature male audience, it presents a deeply aromatic profile that's sure to turn heads, without being brash or overwhelming.

Its scent leans heavily towards the spicy and woody, with a pleasant undercurrent of freshness that stops it from being too heavy. Sung Homme opens with a pepper and juniper berry kick, which is then mellowed by the sage and woody notes. The scent's complexity comes from a mix of green, floral, sweet, and resinous notes, adding depth and character.

Sung Homme is a perfume for all seasons, but it shines during cooler months with its warm undertones. It's versatile enough to be your daily scent, but it's also suitable for special occasions, leisure activities, and business meetings. Its longevity and sillage are particularly impressive, making it linger pleasantly without being overpowering.

While it is a high-value perfume, Sung Homme is not for everyone. Its complex scent profile leans towards the traditional and mature, so it might not appeal to younger users or those who prefer lighter, fruitier scents. Moreover, some users might find the animal and smoky notes a bit challenging.

In conclusion, Alfred Sung's Sung Homme is a mature, aromatic, and versatile scent for men who appreciate traditional perfumery. It's a perfume that commands attention and brings a sense of nostalgia, but might not be for those seeking a modern or minimalist fragrance.

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