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Beloved Woman by Amouage

Beloved Woman by Amouage
Gender: Women
Release date: 2012
Perfumer: Bernard Ellena
Brand: Amouage

What Does Beloved Woman Smell Like

Beloved Woman by Amouage begins its fragrant journey with a refreshing burst of chamomile, brushed with the earthy nuance of clary sage and the white floral sweetness of jasmine. The subtle spice of cardamom and the classic scent of rose lend a romantic touch, whilst a hint of lavender adds a soothing undertone.

As the scent settles into its heart, the unique aroma of everlasting flower takes center stage, beautifully complemented by the mystical scent of frankincense. The rich, earthy depth of patchouli and the resinous sweetness of cistus and benzoin deepen the floral bouquet. Violet's delicate sweetness dances lightly in the background, ylang-ylang adding a touch of tropical allure.

The perfume finally retreats to a comforting base, where the warmth and solidity of cedarwood, the animalistic touch of civet, and the bold scent of leather create an intriguing blend. The sensuality of musk and the creamy richness of sandalwood add an enveloping warmth, enriched by amber's golden glow. The perfume concludes with the soft allure of castoreum, the comforting sweetness of vanilla, and an unexpected hint of caramel, lending a deliciously inviting finish to an otherwise opulent and luxurious scent.

Review of Beloved Woman

Beloved Woman by Amouage is a perfume that seems to resonate most with women seeking a scent that carries an air of maturity and depth. Released in 2012, the perfume marries a variety of scent types, with spicy and floral notes taking the lead, followed by oriental and woody undertones. A subtle hint of animalistic aroma adds a distinct edge that can be intriguing. This perfume's character leans more towards powdery and chypre accents with a trace of smoky, sweet and resinous elements, providing a complex yet balanced sensory experience. It's a scent that feels more at home during the cooler months, particularly Fall and Winter, making it a perfect companion for evening occasions or a night out. However, its charm isn't lost for daily leisure or even business settings. In terms of value, Beloved Woman by Amouage offers a solid, long-lasting aroma that's sure to leave a memorable impression.

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