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Dia Woman by Amouage

Dia Woman by Amouage
Concentration: Extrait de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2002
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Dia Woman

What Does Dia Woman Smell Like

Dia Woman by Amouage opens up with a fresh wave of bergamot, immediately lending a bright citrus aroma. This initial scent is accented by herbaceous tarragon and a touch of violet leaf, creating a youthful and light sensation. The fig and sage notes subtly peek through, imparting a discreet yet noticeable greenness to the bouquet.

As the perfume continues to unfold, a heart filled with floral nuances emerges. Dominating this middle phase is the sweetly intoxicating aroma of peach blossoms, combined with a slightly spicy orris root. The peony and rose notes mingle together, adding a traditional floral depth to the mix. The hints of orange blossom introduce a gentle element of freshness.

In its final stages, Dia Woman's scent profile settles into a rich, comforting base. The white musk is most prominent, lending a soft powdery touch. The sandalwood and cedar add a woody depth, while the frankincense introduces a subtly warm and resinous undertone. The presence of heliotrope further enhances the powdery quality of the perfume, while the gaiac wood and vanilla give a creamy finish. This perfume showcases an impressive blend of creamy, floral, and woody notes, gracefully transitioning across its fragrance stages.

Review of Dia Woman

This review is about Dia Woman, a perfume launched in 2002 by the renowned perfume house, Amouage. Crafted as an Extrait de Parfum, Dia Woman is a scent that speaks to women who appreciate the elegance of a floral bouquet with an adventurous twist of powdery and fresh elements. This perfume is particularly desirable for women who have an appreciation for a lingering scent that asserts its presence without being overwhelming.

Its character is best appreciated during the transition seasons: the fresh bloom of spring and the crisp air of autumn. This perfume's playfulness also makes it adaptable for the warm glow of summer and the cozy ambiance of winter.

Dia Woman is for those who seek a scent that transitions well from a leisurely day outing to an evening dinner or a night out. Its versatility also extends to a professional setting, with its woody and oriental undertones providing a sophisticated touch.

The fragrance opens with a spirited blend of bergamot and violet leaf, setting an inviting tone. It evolves into a heart that features peach blossom, orris root, and rose, offering a romantic and slightly creamy scent. Dia Woman is grounded by the comforting warmth of white musk and sandalwood, with subtle hints of vanilla and frankincense, giving a lingering, cozy finish.

However, the scent's complexity makes it less suitable for those who prefer straightforward, single-note fragrances. Despite this, Dia Woman is a worthy investment with its lasting power and multi-faceted nature. It's a scent for those who dare to embrace the unexpected and enjoy the sophistication of a well-composed perfume.

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