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Gold Woman by Amouage

Gold Woman by Amouage
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Gold Woman

What Does Gold Woman Smell Like

Gold Woman by Amouage is an olfactory symphony of floral and oriental notes. As soon as you apply it, the scent of rich, velvety rose combines harmoniously with the fresh, sweet aroma of lily of the valley and the slightly spicy, lemony scent of frankincense. This opening gives way to a heart of potent jasmine, which stands out as the star of this perfume. The jasmine's intoxicating, sweet-smelling floral scent is beautifully paired with the warm, aromatic essence of myrrh, and the slightly powdery, sweet, and woody scent of orris root. As the fragrance settles, it develops a captivating dry-down. You will notice the musky, animalic smell of ambergris and musk, which gives the perfume a sensual depth. The creamy, slightly sweet, and woody scent of sandalwood is also noticeable, while the woodsy, resinous aroma of cedar and the potent, leathery, and animalic scent of civet help to ground the fragrance. Overall, Gold Woman by Amouage is a complex, layered scent that is dominated by florals, with a spicy, powdery, and woody undercurrent.

Review of Gold Woman

Gold Woman by Amouage is a perfume that sways towards mature women, with a scent profile that feels perfectly attuned to the chillier months of fall and winter. Its formulation as an Eau de Parfum ensures a lasting impression that stays with you throughout the day. The scent itself is a well-rounded symphony of floral, oriental, and powdery notes, with a touch of spice and woodiness for added depth. The perfume also features unexpected hints of animal and smoky tones, which work together to create a pleasantly complex scent experience. This perfume is fantastic for evening occasions or for a night out, adding a touch of elegance and boldness to any ensemble. It can be worn daily for those who enjoy a more robust fragrance, or saved for special leisure or business occasions. While it might not be an everyday scent for everyone, those who appreciate a robust, floral-oriental fragrance will find Gold Woman to be a worthwhile investment.

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