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Jubilation 25 Woman by Amouage

Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2007
Perfumer: Lucas Sieuzac
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Jubilation 25 Woman

What Does Jubilation 25 Woman Smell Like

With its first spritz, Jubilation 25 Woman by Amouage introduces itself with a zesty hint of lemon, intertwined with the aromatic greenness of tarragon. This initial burst is softened by the floral scent of ylang-ylang and the classic, romantic aroma of rose. The heart of the fragrance gradually unfolds, revealing the sweet, fruity undertones of davana, paired with the smoky, mystic scent of frankincense. Labdanum adds a warm, amber-like touch to the middle notes, balanced by the returning rose scent.

As it settles, Jubilation 25 Woman reveals a base that ventures into the deep, oriental realm. Myrrh stands out, lending the perfume a slight licorice-like scent, softened by the animalistic nuances of musk. The slight oceanic, sweet touch of ambergris complements the earthy aroma of vetiver, while patchouli adds a final sylvan touch to the base.

The resulting fragrance is a rich blend of spicy, oriental, floral, resinous, and woody notes. The scent profile of Jubilation 25 Woman paints a picture of a luxurious bouquet, laced with oriental spices and grounded by the depth of woody and resinous tones.

Review of Jubilation 25 Woman

Jubilation 25 Woman by Amouage, an Eau de Parfum, is a rich medley of aromas that will entice the mature woman. This fragrance takes one on an olfactory journey, starting with a warm hint of spiciness that is soon complemented by oriental undertones. As it evolves, the bouquet becomes a symphony of floral, resinous, and woody notes, with a touch of smoky sweetness and powdery softness. This amalgamation creates an air of depth and complexity that is perfectly complemented by the chypre elements. This perfume will suit colder seasons best due to its hearty essence, making it a great choice for fall and winter. It is a fitting companion for evening events or night outs, lending a sense of allure to the wearer. However, its dignified resonance also makes it suitable for leisurely activities and daily use. In terms of value, one can argue that its lingering presence and lasting scent trail make it worth the investment.

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