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Library Collection - Opus IV by Amouage

Library Collection - Opus IV by Amouage
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2010
Perfumer: Jacques Flori
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Library Collection - Opus IV

What Does Library Collection - Opus IV Smell Like

Upon first inhalation of Library Collection - Opus IV by Amouage, a zesty medley from citrusy grapefruit and mandarin orange mingles with the tart freshness of lemon. The unexpected hint of coriander adds a spicy undercurrent, providing the initial scent with a bold and intriguing character. As these notes start to fade, an intricate bouquet of oriental scents takes center stage. The warm, earthy scent of cumin interlaces with the sweet spice of cardamom and a hint of the resinous aroma of elemi resin. Delicate whiffs of rose and violet leaf, made piquant by rose hip, provide a touch of floral sweetness that rounds out the fragrance's middle notes. The perfume then settles into a deep base, subtly permeated by the smoky essence of frankincense. Labdanum lends a warm, resinous undertone while Peru balsam adds a sweet yet smoky touch to the mix. A soft whisper of musk provides a sensual depth, adding an air of mystery to the fragrance. Together, these diverse elements combine to create an overall woody, spicy scent with a warmth that hints at oriental inspiration and a smoky, resinous finish that lingers.

Review of Library Collection - Opus IV

Library Collection - Opus IV by Amouage is a daring unisex perfume with a definite lean towards the masculine side. Released in 2010, it has held its own in the fragrance industry with its robust and lasting impression. True to its name, Opus IV is like a spellbinding page-turner; the more you explore, the more it draws you in.

The scent is a complex blend of spicy and oriental notes that dominate the first impression. As the scent evolves, you delve into a resinous heart of smoky and woody undertones, punctuated by fruity and sweet hints. It's like a leisurely walk through an aromatic forest in autumn, with the occasional whiff of a remote bonfire.

Perfect for fall and winter evenings, this perfume becomes a comforting cloak in the chill. Whether you're heading out for the night or simply enjoying a quiet evening, Opus IV is a versatile companion. Despite its high-end branding, it offers good value for its evocative and lasting signature.

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