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Opus V - Woods Symphony by Amouage

Opus V - Woods Symphony by Amouage
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2011
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Opus V - Woods Symphony

What Does Opus V - Woods Symphony Smell Like

Opus V - Woods Symphony by Amouage opens with an engaging scent rooted in a distinct blend of sweet, boozy rum paired with earthy iris. This combination exudes an aromatic intrigue designed to pique the senses from the first whiff. As the fragrance begins to unfold, it transitions into a heart of floral and spice. The trifecta of orris root, rose, and jasmine becomes evident, providing a rich bouquet that is simultaneously deep and inviting. The powdery tones of orris root intertwine with the classic sweetness of rose and the exotic decadence of jasmine, creating a potent floral center with a scent that is hard to ignore. As these notes begin to subside, the perfume reveals its final act. A woody base, infused with the intense fragrance of oud and a hint of wild civet, takes center stage. Here, the perfume takes on an earthy and sensual quality, with the woods and oud offering a grounded, oriental undertone. The presence of civet adds a touch of the unexpected, making the fragrance intriguing till the end. Overall, Opus V - Woods Symphony is a fragrance that journeys from sweet and earthy to floral and spicy, finishing with a woody and oriental base.

Review of Opus V - Woods Symphony

Opus V - Woods Symphony by Amouage is a welcoming symphony for the senses, a must-try for any fragrance connoisseur. Released in 2011, this unisex perfume is a balanced dance between floral, woody, and spicy notes, making it a worthy addition to your perfume collection.

The perfume appeals more to a mature audience, specifically men, with its rich, dark, and mildly sweet aroma. The spicy and woody notes give it a certain gravity, drawing in those who lean towards complex, deep fragrances. However, it doesn't alienate or overpower, instead, women and younger users also find it appealing, making this a versatile scent for anyone to enjoy.

The longevity of Woods Symphony is notable, it will comfortably carry you through the day and into the night without the need for reapplication. It's perfect for those fall and spring evenings when you want a scent that lingers, subtly reminding others of your presence.

While Woods Symphony shines during evenings, it shows flexibility in fitting a broad range of occasions from daily wear to more formal business settings. However, it truly reveals its charm during leisure times or a night out, when its complex scent profile is allowed to fully open and express itself.

The main shortcoming seems to be its value. For some, the price point may not match up to the scent experience. While it does offer a durable and multifaceted fragrance, it may not deliver the 'bang for your buck' that some discerning customers seek.

In conclusion, Opus V - Woods Symphony is a complex and long-lasting fragrance that's well suited for mature, discerning men but also finds love among a wider audience.

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