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Opus XII - Rose Incense by Amouage

Opus XII - Rose Incense by Amouage
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Bruno Jovanovic
Brand: Amouage

What Does Opus XII - Rose Incense Smell Like

Opus XII - Rose Incense by Amouage opens with a strong impression of frankincense, offering an aromatic scent that's both deep and smoky, yet subtly sweet. You can detect an underlying note of elemi resin, which adds a light pine-like, lemony touch to the initial smell. A unique touch of drawing ink gives the perfume a creative edge, contributing a mild, clean aroma that's reminiscent of a freshly opened book.

The heart of this perfume presents a dominant damask rose water note, providing an intensely floral aroma that's rich and slightly honeyed. Frankincense asserts its presence again, but it's smoother and more refined in the middle, complementing the rose rather than overpowering it. Suederal® contributes subtle synthetic leather nuance, giving the perfume a touch of warmth and texture that plays well with the floral and wispy smoky elements.

In the dry down, the fragrance becomes noticeably woodier. Sandalwood and cedarwood create a foundation that's creamy and soft, yet raw, earthy, and subtly sweet. Myrrh adds an exotic, balsamic edge that's slightly bitter. Vanilla rounds out the base with a gentle sweetness, not too cloying, but enough to soften the robust wood and resin elements, lending a comforting finish to the overall scent profile.

Review of Opus XII - Rose Incense

Amouage's Opus XII - Rose Incense is an intriguing scent journey that takes a unique approach to unisex fragrances. Unfolding like a well-told story, it starts with a bold, smoky frankincense, coupled with a resinous quality from the Elemi, a hint of the unusual 'drawing ink' note adding a creative twist.

Moving to the heart of the perfume, the Damask rose water adds a gentle floral touch, playing off the returning frankincense and the innovative Suederal® note. It's a middle stage that's full of contrasts, and it's here that the perfume truly shines.

As it settles down, the base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, myrrh, and vanilla come forth. The woody notes are not dominant but deliver a calming backbone to the blend, with a whisper of creamy vanilla softening the edges. The scent is as durable as it is complex, lingering for hours and leaving an enticing memory.

The unisex nature of this scent can be interesting for some. It leans slightly more towards a female audience, yet it remains very much a unisex scent. Its smoky, resinous character makes it a perfect companion for colder seasons and evening occasions, though its multifaceted nature means it could be worn in various settings.

That being said, Opus XII - Rose Incense is not an everyday go-to for everyone. It's a luxurious scent that may not justify its price for some. Those looking for a conventional floral or sweet scent might find it challenging. However, for those who appreciate artistry in perfumery and are willing to invest in a unique, complex fragrance, it's certainly worth considering. This is a scent that dares to be different – and succeeds.

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