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Opus XIII - Silver Oud by Amouage

Opus XIII - Silver Oud by Amouage
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Opus XIII - Silver Oud

What Does Opus XIII - Silver Oud Smell Like

Opus XIII - Silver Oud by Amouage opens with a profound woody aroma led by the commanding presence of cypriol. This syncs harmoniously with the robust undertones of Virginia cedar, adding depth to the bold forest-inspired profile. The earthy touch of patchouli punctuates the top notes, playing a slightly subdued yet crucial role in shaping the initial impression. Moving deeper, the heart of the fragrance reveals a rich layer of smoky and exotic Assam oud, imparting an oriental vibe to the blend. A gentle hint of bourbon vanilla absolute peeks through the oud, adding a subtle sweetness that tempers the overall intensity without stealing the limelight. The perfume settles into a base dominated by the raw, wintry scent of birch. The animalistic allure of castoreum breathes life and mystery into the base layer, while the echo of ambrarome and gaiac wood creates a spicy, smoky tail, leaving a lasting impression of the sensual oriental aura. Overall, this unisex fragrance is a daring dance of woody, smoky, and oriental elements, with spicy and earthy nuances adding to the richness and complexity of the aroma.

Review of Opus XIII - Silver Oud

Amouage's Opus XIII - Silver Oud is not just a perfume but an ode to olfactory artistry, capturing the essence of the silver oud in a truly gripping blend. Released in 2021, it has already garnered a substantial male following, suggesting that it leans slightly masculine despite its unisex designation.

An immediate allure of this perfume lies in its robust woody and smoky notes, making it an ideal companion for the fall and winter seasons. Its scent profile is evocative of a crackling fireplace on a cold night, infused with earthy and spicy undertones for added depth. The prominent presence of cypriol and Virginia cedar lends an inviting warmth to the composition, while the Assam oud in the heart notes injects a sense of exoticism into the mix.

However, its longevity is where this perfume truly shines, staying with you from dusk till dawn, making it an excellent choice for evening outings and night outs. Its considerable sillage ensures your presence lingers, creating an enduring memory of your encounter.

While the price might seem steep for some, the quality of the formulation and the distinctiveness of the scent make it seem like a worthwhile investment for those who appreciate niche fragrances. Still, the somewhat domineering potency of the scent might not sit well with everyone, especially those who prefer more subtle fragrances.

Opus XIII - Silver Oud is a courageous exploration of scent, offering a remarkable interpretation of the silver oud. It's a fragrance that will resonate with men who are not afraid to make a strong, lasting impression. The perfume's complex character might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's certainly a worthy contender for those with a penchant for audacious scents.

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