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Overture Man by Amouage

Overture Man by Amouage
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Overture Man

What Does Overture Man Smell Like

Overture Man by Amouage opens with a confident, potent mix of rich cognac, underpinned by the warm spice of cumin and grapefruit's tart freshness. Subtle notes of cardamom and nutmeg lend an earthy edge, while ginger and saffron add a slightly exotic twist.

As the fragrance evolves, the middle notes become more prominent. Labdanum provides a deep, resinous heart, paired with the fresh, green edge of geranium. Myrrh and benzoin add a touch of aromatic sweetness while mastic and patchouli introduce a slightly woody element to the perfume's heart. A hint of cinnamon lurks in the background, hinting at sweetness but never overpowering the composition.

The base of Overture Man is an intriguing mix of powerful and soothing notes. Frankincense emerges as the most prominent scent, offering a smoky, resinous quality that perfectly complements the perfume's earlier spicy and woody aspects. Animalic notes provide an intriguing depth, while leather brings a robust, masculine character to the fragrance. Sandalwood lends a creamy, woody undertone, and clary sage's herbal freshness serves to lighten the generally intense base.

Overall, Overture Man presents a complex, layered experience of spicy, woody, and smoky scents, intertwined with resinous and oriental elements.

Review of Overture Man

Amouage's Overture Man undeniably exudes a strong character, crafted specifically for men. It weaves a rich tapestry of scent, with dominant spicy undertones that give it a bold aura, flanked by the subtle depth of woody notes. The smoky hints bring in an element of mystery, while the resinous and oriental notes add a touch of exotic allure. The perfume finishes with a leathery animalistic whiff that adds a raw, primal edge.

Tailored for colder seasons, this perfume thrives in the biting chill of winter and the crisp atmosphere of autumn. Overture Man seems destined for the night, whether it's an intimate evening or a joyous night out. Its long-lasting scent holds onto your skin, making it a reliable companion for a leisurely stroll or a serious business meeting.

However, it's the value where Overture Man truly shines, offering a quality fragrance for a fair price. Its blend of aromatic notes creates an olfactory experience that's hard to forget.

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