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Reflection 45 by Amouage

Reflection 45 by Amouage
Gender: Men
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Lucas Sieuzac
Brand: Amouage

Key Notes of Reflection 45

What Does Reflection 45 Smell Like

Reflection 45 by Amouage opens with pink pepper bringing a warm slightly sweet spiciness to the forefront. This is closely followed by the cool, subtly sweet aroma of cardamom and the calm, clean scent of lavender. The opening phase also hints at the light, musky scent of benzoin, the herbal freshness of clary sage, and the crisp, fruity aroma of juniper berry.

As the initial spices and herbs begin to mellow, the heart of the perfume reveals itself. The scent of iris becomes dominant, its soft, powdery floral scent providing a gentle contrast to the spiciness of the opening notes. The middle phase also introduces the slightly earthy aroma of angelica, the sweet, exotic scent of jasmine, and the light, citrusy smell of neroli. The subtle sweetness of tonka bean and vanilla add a comforting undertone.

As the perfume settles on the skin, the base notes start to shine through. Opoponax brings a warm, rich, slightly honey-like scent. The aroma of frankincense and myrrh add a resinous, almost smoky depth. The base also features the creamy, woody aroma of sandalwood, the warm, woody scent of cedarwood, the earthy, slightly sweet smell of patchouli, and the smoky, woody scent of vetiver.

Review of Reflection 45

Amouage's Reflection 45 is a contemporary fragrance that caters predominantly to men. Released in 2021, it draws you in with its floral heart, anchored by an underlying powdery note. The scent weaves in spicy and woody elements, which make it warmly inviting. There's a touch of freshness that cuts through, preventing it from becoming overwhelming. It's a trace sweet, with resinous and creamy undertones adding depth, culminating in a subtle oriental finish.

Ideally, this perfume shines in the fall, with its rich profile also lending itself to spring and winter use. It's a bit too robust for the warmer summer months. Reflection 45's versatility makes it appropriate for both daytime and nighttime wear – it's relaxed enough for leisure activities, yet serious enough for business settings. Despite its high longevity and moderate sillage, the overall value could be better. Regardless, it's a thoughtful choice for men seeking something that balances bold and subtle tones.

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