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Sunshine Man by Amouage

Gender: Men
Release date: 2015
Brand: Amouage

What Does Sunshine Man Smell Like

Sunshine Man by Amouage is an exciting scent for men that blends lavender, everlasting flower and orange brandy top notes with clary sage, juniper berry, and bergamot middle notes. At its base are sweet notes of vanilla, tonka bean and cedarwood. Together these elements create a creamy floral accord with spicy undertones that smells both fresh and inviting. The overall olfactory experience is one of warmth combined with lively citrus highlights that light up the senses.

Review of Sunshine Man

Sunshine Man by Amouage is a wonderfully balanced fragrance for men that's perfect for any time of year. This scent has an alluring sweetness, with floral undertones, and spicy hints that come together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. It also has fresh, creamy tones as well as fruity, woody and citrus notes for a truly unique experience. The presentation of this perfume is top-notch and the value is quite reasonable; making it suitable for leisure, night out or even business occasions. Overall this scent will delight men who want something special on their skin all day long.

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