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Ubar by Amouage

Ubar by Amouage
Gender: Women
Release date: 2009
Brand: Amouage

What Does Ubar Smell Like

When you first experience Ubar by Amouage, you are greeted by an immediate wave of citrus, predominantly the tangy, bright, and zesty scent of mandarin oranges. The intense citrus is skillfully contrasted by the bitter and green tones of violet leaf, creating a lively and surprising opening to the perfume.

As the initial rush of citrus fades, the heart of Ubar comes forward. This stage is dominated by the vivid and intoxicating smell of jasmine, complemented beautifully by the exotic, sweet, and slightly fruity scent of ylang-ylang. The presence of lily of the valley and orange blossom injects a delicate, fresh floral element into the heart and is subtly enhanced by the sweet, creamy scent of tuberose.

The base of Ubar is a rich and complex blend of warm, earthy notes. The sweet smell of amber, the earthy aroma of patchouli, and the soft, creamy tones of sandalwood and vanilla create a comforting backdrop. The unique scent of copaiba balsam and the smoky, woody smell of vetiver add depth to the perfume, creating a lasting impression that's as spellbinding as the blooming flowers at the heart of the fragrance.

Review of Ubar

Ubar by Amouage is a perfume that exudes a confident, mature femininity. This is not a scent for the timid. It thrives on the bold combination of floral notes with a spicier undertone, making it well-suited to the cooler months of fall and winter. The oriental aspects add an exotic allure, while the animalistic and woody elements bring a sense of depth and intrigue.

The longevity of this scent is impressive. It stays with you, evolving on your skin, revealing different facets as the day progresses. The sillage, or the trail it leaves behind, is just as significant - making an unforgettable impression as you move.

Despite its luxurious feel, the value of Ubar by Amouage is reasonable. Although it's a perfect choice for evening events or nights out, it's versatile enough for casual wear too. A touch of sweetness adds a playful edge to this otherwise mature scent, showing its ability to adapt to different personalities and moods.

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