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New West for Him by Aramis

aramis new west skinscent
Concentration: Skinscent
Gender: Men
Release date: 1988
Perfumer: Yves Tanguy
Brand: Aramis

Key Notes of New West for Him

What Does New West for Him Smell Like

New West for Him by Aramis is a men's fragrance that showcases a fresh and spicy character, with noticeable aquatic and woody undertones. The scent opens with a distinct marine notes and mugwort combination, while being uplifted by subtle aldehydes, bergamot, caraway, lavender, and a hint of mint. As the fragrance develops, the heart reveals an intriguing blend of bay leaf, coriander, geranium, juniper berry, pine, watermelon, and a touch of jasmine. This medley creates an interesting interplay between green, citrus, and fruity aspects, which seamlessly transition into the base notes.

The foundation of this perfume is anchored by a prominent cedar note, complemented by oakmoss and patchouli to enhance its earthy, woody nature. Musk and sandalwood bring a soothing quality to the composition, while subtle accents of amber and leather round out the scent, adding hints of warmth and depth. Overall, New West for Him by Aramis presents a balanced and intriguing olfactory experience that skillfully combines fresh, spicy, aquatic, woody, citrus, green, fruity, and leathery elements.

Review of New West for Him

Introduced in 1988, New West for Him is a men's fragrance formulated as a skinscent by the well-known brand, Aramis. Exhibiting a well-rounded scent profile, this perfume offers a fresh and spicy mix accompanied by aquatic, woody, citrus, green, fruity, and leathery undertones. The fragrance garners moderate ratings in scent, longevity, and sillage, making it a reasonable choice in terms of value.

As a versatile fragrance, New West for Him is suitable for a range of audiences – primarily men of varying age groups, with a smaller segment of women finding it appealing. Its fresh and invigorating nature makes it ideal for the warmer seasons, specifically spring and summer, with some suitability for fall as well. However, the lighter scent profile might not hold up as well during the winter months.

When it comes to various occasions, this perfume is a good pick for leisure and daily wear, as well as in professional settings and sporting events. Its moderate sillage ensures that it won't be overbearing in such environments. However, for those seeking a more pronounced fragrance for evening events or nights out, New West for Him might not be the top choice.

In conclusion, New West for Him by Aramis is a well-rounded, versatile men's fragrance that is particularly suitable for those who enjoy fresh, spicy, and aquatic scents. Its moderate performance in scent, longevity, and sillage makes it a solid option for those seeking a daytime, spring or summer perfume that can transition between casual and professional environments.

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