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R.E.M. by Ariana Grande

R.E.M. by Ariana Grande
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Alexis Grugeon

What Does R.E.M. Smell Like

R.E.M. by Ariana Grande opens with a bold, sweet scent, where the unexpected combination of salted caramel and fig come to the forefront. The salted caramel lends a warm, sugary aroma that is delightfully rich, while the fig contributes a slightly tangier note to the mix. Marshmallow softens the opening, infusing a fluffy, sugary mellow touch. Quince, a relative of apples and pears, adds a subtle but inviting fruity undertone.

As the fragrance unfolds, a floral heart emerges. Lavender takes center stage, infusing a pleasant herby and slightly sweet aroma, creating a serene and calming atmosphere. The pear blossom adds a soft, gentle sweetness that complements the lavender's intensity.

Following the floral heart, the fragrance settles into a comforting base. The soothing aroma of tonka bean is evident, with its warm, slightly sweet, and fruity scent. White musk adds a clean and light undertone, allowing the tonka bean's full richness to shine. Sandalwood's woody note lingers in the background, adding a slight creaminess to the blend, making the scent comforting and cozy to the senses. The final result is a scent that is sweet, a touch synthetic with a powdery, creamy, and slightly gourmand finish.

Review of R.E.M.

R.E.M. by Ariana Grande is a perfume that confidently straddles the line between feminine and youthful, making it an appealing choice for women who are still in touch with their inner child. It is the scent of playful abandon, of ice cream dates and late-night laughs. The sweet scent, dominated by salted caramel and marshmallow, gives the wearer a sense of indulgence, like a treat for the senses. However, it is not cloying or overly sugary, the creamy and powdery elements add a softness and sophistication that stops it from being juvenile.

While it has a strong gourmand influence, it is not purely a dessert fragrance. There is a floral hint that gives it a gentle freshness, which can be attributed to the lavender and pear blossom. This makes it versatile enough for a range of occasions, from daily use to nights out.

However, it is worth noting that R.E.M doesn't have the strongest longevity. It tends to fade faster than some other perfumes, and the sillage is moderate, so it might not fill a room with your presence. It is a close-to-the-skin scent, more intimate, which makes it perfect for those who prefer a more personal perfume.

Its value lies in its ability to capture a youthful, playful spirit in a bottle while still being mature and sophisticated. It's like a sweet memory, a touch of nostalgia in an otherwise grown-up world. R.E.M. by Ariana Grande is for the woman who is young at heart, who enjoys a sweet treat but values sophistication. It's a reminder that being grown-up doesn't mean forgetting the joy of being young.

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