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Shades Wood by Armaf

Shades Wood by Armaf
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2013
Brand: Armaf

Key Notes of Shades Wood

What Does Shades Wood Smell Like

Shades Wood by Armaf for men opens with a floral introduction, dominated by a strong and distinct rose scent. It's not a dainty rose, rather it's bold and intense, softened slightly by a mild hint of geranium. The floral elements are lifted by light, fleeting hints of citrus. This opening is rounded out by oriental and spicy undertones, gently teasing the senses.

The journey to the heart of the perfume brings forth spicy elements, led by a moderate clove scent, accompanied by a hint of cumin. The spiciness of the clove and cumin is enhanced by a touch of pepper, which adds a gentle warmth.

The fragrance settles into a woody base, which is robust without being overwhelming. Here, the oud is the star. Its resinous, deep scent is prominent but not overbearing. The oud is supported by cedarwood, contributing a masculine, outdoorsy vibe. Lastly, sandalwood creeps in, providing a creamy, slightly sweet scent. It rounds out the perfume, softening the woodiness, and leaving a lingering, warm trail.

Animalic undertones carry throughout the perfume, adding a primal, raw appeal to the mix. This is not a scent for the faint-hearted, but for those who appreciate fragrances that make a strong, woody statement.

Review of Shades Wood

Armaf's Shades Wood, introduced in 2013, is a scent that thrives in the cooler months of fall and winter. Its woody backbone, amplified by dominant notes of rose and geranium, offers a sturdy, outdoorsy character that makes you feel closer to nature. The touch of oriental tones adds a hint of exoticism, painting a picture of a distant, alluring forest. It's not all woods and wilderness though. There's a floral undertone that breezes through, lightening up the scent and bringing a softer, more comforting vibe.

Ideal for evenings and nights out, Shades Wood carries a certain mystique, a fragrance that prompts intrigue without being overly powerful. Its strength lies in its longevity, lasting for hours on end and leaving a subtle trail in its wake. It's not a scent that demands attention but one that gradually grows on you, making its presence known in quiet, understated whispers.

Its versatility is also worth noting. While it's primarily marketed towards men, there's a universal appeal to Shades Wood. Its floral heart and woody base blend in a way that doesn't lean too masculine or too feminine. However, it might not be the best pick for the younger crowd, as its earthy and smoky undertones may come off as a bit mature.

In terms of value, Shades Wood offers a decent bang for your buck. Its lasting power and personality make it an option worth considering. It's not perfect – the spicy notes could have been more pronounced – but it's a solid fragrance that's worth a sniff. Its mix of woodsy, floral, and oriental elements creates a scent that tells a story, one you might want to be part of.

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