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The Architects Club by Arquiste

The Architects Club by Arquiste
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014
Perfumer: Yann Vasnier
Brand: Arquiste

What Does The Architects Club Smell Like

The Architects Club by Arquiste opens with a vibrant melody of citrus notes. The scent of lemon, Italian bergamot, and bitter orange is pronounced and lively. A distinct herbaceous twist is added by the angelica root and juniper berry, with a subtle backdrop of lavender and French clary sage. The initial citrus aroma gradually unfurls into a spicy, woody heart. The middle notes introduce a spicy duo of cardamom and pepperwood, surrounded by the soft warmth of nutmeg and coriander seed. The sweetness of blackcurrant bud absolute is expertly woven in, providing a slight fruity touch. The perfume's base is decidedly creamy and sweet, thanks to the pronounced vanilla absolute. It's rounded out by the woody notes of cedarwood, oak wood, and Paraguayan gaiac wood, with a hint of earthiness provided by Haitian vetiver. The scent is ultimately grounded by the warm, musky undertones of Ambermax and Ambrettolide, adding a sense of depth and richness that's subtly amplified by the spicy, woody nature of cypriol.

Review of The Architects Club

The Architects Club by Arquiste is a scent that opens a door to an olfactive journey, uniting the genders in an intoxicating dance of the senses, though it appears to have a slight feminine tilt. It's a perfume that doesn't shout but whispers, offering a moderate sillage that won't overwhelm a room but will be noticed by those in your close vicinity.

This scent leans into the autumn season, with spicy, sweet, and woody notes that evoke a feeling of warmth, coziness, and comfort. The biting chill of juniper berries and zesty citrus of bitter orange in the initial spray quickly settles into a symphony of warm spices and woods, creating an aroma that's reminiscent of an evening gathering around a roaring fireplace in a posh, wood-paneled club room.

However, it's not so heavy to be purely a cold-weather scent. The Architects Club can also shine in the spring, possibly owing to its powdery, floral undertones that give it a fresh, breezy character. Despite its complexities, it doesn't lean too far into gourmet territory, keeping a refined, restrained profile that's more sophisticated than sugary.

Its longevity is decent but not extraordinary, which might require a reapplication if you're planning on wearing it from day into evening. It's not necessarily an everyday scent, but it's versatile enough to fit into various occasions, from leisurely days out to business meetings, and evening events.

In terms of value, The Architects Club might not be the best pick for those seeking a budget fragrance but it's a worthy investment for those who value quality and complexity in their scent profiles. Its unique blend of notes creates a one-of-a-kind aroma that's sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

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