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Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne

Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2014

What Does Blanche Immortelle Smell Like

The initial scent of Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne greets you with a palpable citrus aroma, predominantly Italian mandarin orange that intertwines with the lighter effervescence of Calabrian bergamot. The Grasse mimosa weaves in a subtle sweetness, adding an unexpected floral touch to the dominant citrus notes.

The fragrance evolves into its second stage with a deep floral heart, where the Corsican immortelle absolute is the star. Its warmth is punctuated by the exotic hint of Indian jasmine sambac that lends a slightly creamy scent, softened by the lighter, velvet touch of Turkish rose absolute.

In its final stage, this part of the fragrance is grounded by a warm, woody base where Australian sandalwood and Indonesian patchouli create a rich, earthy scent. This is offset by the clean, grassy aroma of Haitian vetiver that leaves a lingering fresh finish.

All in all, Blanche Immortelle fragrance portrays a vibrant citrus start that transitions into a floral embrace, ending with a woody, grounding touch. The journey from citrus to floral to earthy makes it a scent that explores a full range of olfactory notes, showcasing the diverse character of its ingredients.

Review of Blanche Immortelle

Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne is a scent that dances on the edge of floral, spicy, sweet, and woody. It's a fragrance that doesn't shy away from showcasing its complexity, making it a suitable choice for those who appreciate a scent with depth and character.

This perfume, with its unisex appeal, does lean more towards women, albeit only marginally so. It's a fragrance that does not shy away from making a statement, and it's here that some may find it a tad overpowering or perhaps a bit too adventurous for their liking. However, for those who relish in bold and profound fragrances, this might just be the perfect choice.

Blanche Immortelle reveals itself in layers. Initially, you're greeted with a spicy-sweet introduction that piques your interest. As time goes on, the scent evolves, unveiling its floral heart and the woody undertones. The interplay between the floral and spicy notes sets this perfume apart, creating a dynamic experience that shifts and transforms throughout the day.

The longevity is fairly commendable, ensuring that you're accompanied by this aromatic journey for a considerable time. The sillage, though, is somewhat moderate, making it a decent choice for everyday occasions, business meetings, or leisure outings. However, it might not be the best choice for those looking for a perfume with a commanding presence in larger social settings.

As for the seasons, it is quite versatile, fitting in snugly with the fall and spring's transitional nature, but it also holds its own during the summer and winter.

In conclusion, Blanche Immortelle by Atelier Cologne is a complex, layered fragrance that caters to those who appreciate depth and evolution in their perfume journey. However, it is not for everyone, making it essential to try before you buy.

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