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Citron d'Érable by Atelier Cologne

Citron d'Érable by Atelier Cologne
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

What Does Citron d'Érable Smell Like

Upon first scent, Citron d'Érable by Atelier Cologne introduces itself with a sharp zest of Sicilian lemon, swiftly paired with the milder, juicy sweetness of Calabrian mandarin orange. The candied citrus opening is further tempered by the distinct richness of maple syrup, providing a slight sugary undercurrent that anchors the brightness of the citrus notes.

Progressing into the heart of the fragrance, an unexpected fruity twist is present with the addition of French blackcurrant. This note adds a layer of succulence and depth, revamping the initial citrusy freshness with a more matured, sweet-tart quality. The touch of Sichuan pepper adds a subtle warmth that dances around the edges, while the faint coolness of Californian eucalyptus manifests as a refreshing whisper in the backdrop.

The base reveals itself with a blend of Canadian cedar and sequoia, evoking a sense of being amidst a giant, ancient forest. The cedarwood infuses the perfume with an earthy, slightly resinous aroma, softened by the velvety, green undertones of sequoia. As the endnotes linger, the woody notes compliment and somehow echo the initial citruses, creating a full circle of scent that is both comforting and enticing.

Review of Citron d'Érable

Atelier Cologne's Citron d'Érable, released in 2016, is a perfume that strikes a chord with both men and women alike. Its versatility comes from its unique blend of citrus and fruity notes, coupled with a fresh undertone. The scent is noticeably vibrant, with a zesty kick from Sicilian lemon and Calabrian mandarin orange, making it an excellent choice for those looking to make a fresh, energetic impression.

This perfume tends to resonate more with a younger audience, perhaps due to its lively, sunny character. It is especially fitting for those warm summer and spring days, when its fruity freshness comes to life. However, its sweetness, thanks to a hint of maple syrup, makes it suitable for those crisp, fall days as well.

On the other hand, its staying power could use a bit of improvement. The scent, while delightfully fresh and invigorating, doesn't linger as long as one might hope. Those with a preference for perfumes with strong sillage might be slightly disappointed.

In terms of value, Citron d'Érable stands its ground. Its balanced combination of citrus, fruity, and fresh notes, along with its everyday versatility, make it a worthy addition to any perfume collection. Whether you're heading to the office, enjoying a leisurely day out, or even getting active with some sporting activities, this perfume has the potential to be a faithful companion.

In conclusion, Citron d'Érable by Atelier Cologne is a vibrant, refreshing scent that may not last all day but is sure to leave a memorable impression while it lasts. With its unique blend of citrus and fruity notes, it is a perfume that should appeal to both men and women in search of a lively, fresh fragrance.

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