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Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne

Mandarine Glaciale by Atelier Cologne
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015

What Does Mandarine Glaciale Smell Like

Atelier Cologne's Mandarine Glaciale is an olfactory journey that starts with a bright and bold citrus aroma. The dominant scent of Calabrian mandarin orange immediately engages the senses, complemented by undertones of Calabrian bergamot. A lighter hint of Sicilian lemon adds further zest to this citrus medley. As the perfume evolves, it reveals a spicy middle dominated by Chinese ginger, paired with a tinge of Paraguayan petigrain that adds a leafy green freshness. The subtlest whiff of Egyptian jasmine emerges, adding a soft floral touch without detracting from the overall spiciness. As the perfume settles, the final stage is a tender blend that brings together the earthy, woody aroma of Haitian vetiver and Slovene oakmoss, offering a hint of nature's depth. These are gently warmed by the presence of white amber, giving the perfume a slightly sweet and calming finish. The end result is a scent that marries citrus brightness with warming spices and earthy undertones, a dynamic scent that's distinctively fresh, fruity, and green with a dash of spice.

Review of Mandarine Glaciale

Atelier Cologne's Mandarine Glaciale is a bright and vivacious perfume. It's a scent that manages to surprise you with its bold citrusy aroma, predominantly of Calabrian mandarin orange, and then gently holds your interest with a blend of fresh, fruity, and slightly spicy undertones. It's a perfume that doesn't shy away from making a statement, albeit a subtle one.

With a pronounced citrus tone, it's an ideal choice for those warm summer days and light spring afternoons, adding a fresh and invigorating aura to your presence. Its green and woody nuances make it a versatile option that can be worn daily as well as during leisure activities. However, it is worth noting that the perfume's longevity and sillage can come across as a bit underwhelming, and may require reapplication throughout the day if one desires a consistent fragrance.

While Mandarine Glaciale is marketed as unisex, the usage appears to be slightly more favored among men. That said, the universal appeal of the fragrance lies in its harmonious blend of notes that lend a balance, ensuring it isn't too overpowering for any gender.

The perfume's scent is a mixed bag of joy, with the freshness of Sicilian lemon complementing the spiciness of Chinese ginger, and the earthiness of Haitian vetiver adding a layer of complexity. It's like a symphony of different notes that blend together to create a unique olfactory experience.

Despite some of its limitations, Mandarine Glaciale still manages to be a satisfying choice for those who appreciate a citrus-based perfume that's dynamic yet not too imposing. It's a scent that can evoke a sense of breezy optimism, much like a refreshing summer morning.

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