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Aube Rubis by Atelier des Ors

Aube Rubis by Atelier des Ors
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Marie Salamagne

What Does Aube Rubis Smell Like

Aube Rubis by Atelier des Ors greets the nose with a blend of blackcurrant, bergamot, and grapefruit, coming off as a juicy and zesty introduction. The blackcurrant is particularly prevalent, lending a tart sweetness that dances with the citrusy notes of grapefruit and bergamot. It smells like the first bite of a ripe, sun-warmed fruit on a cool morning.

As the initial fruity explosion settles, the scent transitions into a garden-like heart. Hints of sage, iris, and violet take the center stage. The sage adds a slight herbal tone, grounding the previous fruity burst. The iris and violet, meanwhile, add a soft, floral whisper, reminiscent of a blooming meadow in spring.

Gradually, the fragrance deepen into a rich, earthy finish. The base is a robust mix of patchouli, Haitian vetiver, and praliné. The patchouli is most noticeable, delivering a woody, slightly spicy undertone. The vetiver adds a deeper earthiness - think of a walk in a lush, green forest. Lastly, the praliné contributes a sweet, nutty echo, acting like a sugared ribbon that wraps the entire composition.

Overall, Aube Rubis is a complex, yet accessible olfactory journey: fruity to floral, then finally settling into a sweet, earthy aroma. It is a scent that intrigues and comforts at the same time, inviting the wearer and those around to explore its every layer.

Review of Aube Rubis

Aube Rubis by Atelier des Ors is a fantastic scent to those who appreciate a woody, spicy, and fruity blend. It's a scent that has the ability to capture a room, yet it's not overpowering. This unisex perfume tends to appeal to women slightly more than men, with a mature vibe that isn't too old-fashioned.

The woody, spicy, and fruity aspects of the fragrance lend themselves perfectly to the fall and winter seasons, making it the ideal perfume to wear on those crisp, cooler days. However, it also works well in spring, adding a nice contrast to the blooming flowers.

Aube Rubis is best suited for evening use or a night out, adding an extra touch to your leisure time. Yet, it doesn't fall short in a daily or business setting, leaving a lasting impression wherever you go. Sillage is noticeable, and the longevity is decent, allowing the perfume to stay with you through your activities.

While the perfume is quite costly, its distinct scent, good longevity, and sillage make it worth the investment for those who seek a unique aromatic experience. The earthy, sweet, oriental, floral, smoky, and resinous aspects of the perfume create a complex and alluring scent, making it a standout in a sea of perfumes.

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