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Oud Save The King by Atkinsons

Oud Save The King by Atkinsons
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013
Brand: Atkinsons

Key Notes of Oud Save The King

What Does Oud Save The King Smell Like

Oud Save The King by Atkinsons offers a fascinating scent journey for women that begins with a prominent Earl Grey tea and a touch of zesty bergamot. This initial phase creates an invigorating, yet calming effect as the perfume moves into its heart notes. Here, you'll experience a delightful blend of rich suede and the powdery elegance of orris absolute. The combination of these middle notes infuses the fragrance with a luxurious, velvety texture that feels both cozy and opulent.

As the scent continues to evolve, it reveals its base notes of warm, creamy sandalwood and the deep, earthy tones of oud. The interplay between these two elements provides a beautiful contrast, resulting in a scent that exudes both comfort and mystery. The woody, sweet, and oriental accords bring an exotic and slightly spicy edge, while the gourmand aspect adds a delectable, mouthwatering touch to the composition.

Oud Save The King is a perfume that gracefully balances multiple layers of aromas, taking you from a comforting and serene tea-sipping moment to an evocative, sensual experience. The scent's progression is like a beautiful dance between the different notes, making each stage of its development a pleasure to explore.

Review of Oud Save The King

Oud Save The King by Atkinsons is a 2013 release that offers a woody and sweet scent with a touch of oriental and spicy notes, making it a suitable choice for those who appreciate a well-rounded perfume. Its gourmand and leathery qualities are accompanied by smoky, powdery, and resinous undertones, giving it a complex yet harmonious aroma.

The fragrance leans more towards a masculine appeal, making it a popular choice amongst men. However, the scent also attracts a diverse audience, including women, older individuals, and younger generations. The versatility of Oud Save The King allows it to be worn during various occasions such as evenings out, leisure activities, daily errands, or business settings.

The ideal time to enjoy this perfume is during winter and fall seasons, as its warm and inviting scent complements the colder months perfectly. While it can be worn during spring, the fragrance may not be the best choice for hot summer days due to its rich and bold nature.

In terms of longevity, Oud Save The King lasts for a reasonable amount of time, ensuring that you can appreciate the scent throughout the day. The sillage is moderate, making it noticeable without being overwhelming. The perfume offers good value, providing a pleasant and lasting scent experience for those willing to invest in a quality fragrance.

Overall, Oud Save The King by Atkinsons is an attractive choice for individuals seeking a well-balanced perfume with a predominantly woody and sweet aroma. Its diverse appeal and suitability for various occasions make it a worthwhile addition to any fragrance collection.

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