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Oud Save The Queen by Atkinsons

Oud Save The Queen by Atkinsons
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013
Brand: Atkinsons

Key Notes of Oud Save The Queen

What Does Oud Save The Queen Smell Like

Oud Save The Queen by Atkinsons opens with a bright and slightly spicy aroma blending the citrusy tartness of bergamot with the distinctive warmth of cloves, which is subtly softened by the undertones of Earl Grey tea. As it develops, the fragrance takes on a floral heart, as the aroma of jasmine comes to the forefront, bringing depth and femininity. This is complemented by the sweet, slightly honey-like scent of orange blossom. As the perfume settles, the aroma of oud becomes pronounced, lending an intense, musky woodiness that is both opulent and intoxicating. The fragrance is rounded off with the sweet creaminess of tonka bean and the smoky touch of gaiac wood, adding an earthy depth to the scent. Overall, Oud Save The Queen is a perfume that is sweet and oriental but with a spicy, woody edge, resulting in an essence that is distinctly aromatic, feminine, and beguiling.

Review of Oud Save The Queen

Oud Save The Queen by Atkinsons is a real treat for those who love a rich, opulent scent. Aimed predominantly at women, there's a tantalizing blend of sweet and oriental notes that are highlighted by a distinct spicy undertone. Woody elements add some depth to the overall scent profile, while a subtle floral layer softens the heavier notes, making it a perfect perfume for fall and winter wear. The perfume has a commendable staying power, so it's a choice worth considering for evening events or nights out. It's not overly gourmand or fruity, so it won't be too overpowering and remains sophisticated without being too pretentious. It does have a noticeable smoky base, which adds a touch of mystery to the scent. While not ideal for casual daytime wear, it certainly makes a statement for those special occasions or business events where you want to make an impression.

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