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Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne

Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010

Key Notes of Forbidden Rose

What Does Forbidden Rose Smell Like

Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne opens with a predominant aroma of fresh-cut apple which is both crisp and slightly sweet. This initial scent is unaccompanied by any other notes, creating a distinct and singular opening. The apple then gently gives way to the heart of the fragrance, which introduces an undercurrent of heliotrope. This floral note adds a hint of powdery sweetness to the blend, subtly shifting the fragrance's character without overpowering the initial apple.

As the fragrance dries down, a single base note emerges. This is praliné, which brings a slightly nutty, sweet undertone to the mix. Praliné rounds out the smell with a dessert-like finish, which gently lingers on the skin. It does not blend with vanilla, sandalwood, or any other traditional base notes, ensuring a unique base that remains simple and sweet.

Despite the presence of several floral, fruity, and synthetic notes listed in the perfume's accords, these do not significantly contribute to the overall scent. The fragrance distinctly carries the apple, heliotrope and praliné throughout its lifecycle, creating a floral-sweet profile with a fresh fruity opening and a soft, dessert-like finish.

Review of Forbidden Rose

Forbidden Rose by Avril Lavigne is a perfume with a character of its own. As soon as you spritz it on, you are met with a lively, fruity opening highlighting the crispness of apple. This scent then slowly evolves into a floral heart, with hints of sweet heliotrope subtly peeking through. However, the perfume's base is its most memorable aspect, with a touch of praliné that adds an unexpected, yet delightful twist.

Designed for women, this perfume leans towards a younger audience with its playful blend of fruity, floral, and gourmand notes. The freshness of apple combined with the powdery heliotrope and sweet praliné creates a vibrant scent that embodies the spirit of youth. It's an everyday perfume that can easily transition from a leisurely day at a café to a casual evening outing.

Despite its youthful charm, Forbidden Rose does have its drawbacks. The longevity of the perfume might leave you desiring more, as it doesn't quite last long enough to take you through the day without a few additional spritzes. Moreover, its sillage, or the trail it leaves behind, isn't overly powerful.

On the bright side, the perfume is best suited for spring and summer, where the freshness of its top notes can truly shine. It also works well for the early days of fall when the remaining warmth of summer still lingers in the air.

In a nutshell, Forbidden Rose is a perfume that shines with its youthful and vibrant scent. It may not be the longest lasting or the most powerful on the market, but its distinctive blend of fruity, floral, and gourmand notes makes it a fun addition to any perfume collection.

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