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Eau Belle by Azzaro

Eau Belle by Azzaro
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 1995
Brand: Azzaro

Key Notes of Eau Belle

What Does Eau Belle Smell Like

Upon the first spritz, Eau Belle by Azzaro, greets your senses with a lively and zingy touch of mandarin orange and peach. This bright and tangy opening is subtly intertwined with a hint of yuzu, adding an unusual Asian citrus accent which isn't too sharp nor sour, but more of a sweet-tart sensation.

As the initial citrusy wave recedes, the aroma of mock-orange takes over, carrying with it a garden variety of floral notes. The scent of freesia, wild jasmine, and rose delicately dances around the dominant mock-orange, adding a soft, romantic floral layer to the heart of the perfume. There's also a faint whisper of cyclamen, adding a fresh, slightly peppery touch to the floral bouquet.

The dry-down of Eau Belle is ultimately serene and warm. The potent cypress note is the hero in the base, lending a calming, woodsy aroma. The scent of amber and cedar subtly support the earthy cypress, imbuing a rich, resinous, and slightly sweet tone to the perfume's closure. The final trace of honey and vanilla add a comforting, creamy sweetness that is not too overpowering but gives the perfume a soft embrace, concluding your olfactory journey with Eau Belle by Azzaro.

Review of Eau Belle

Eau Belle by Azzaro is a truly interesting fragrance, especially tailored for women who enjoy feeling refreshed and vibrant. Launched in 1995, this Eau de Toilette carries a certain timeless charm that has evidently appealed to women across generations, making it a reliable classic in the perfume world.

Most striking is its fresh, aquatic scent, which brings to mind an invigorating sea breeze on a sunny day. This fresh quality is beautifully intertwined with a soft floral undertone that keeps the fragrance charming without being overpowering. A hint of fruity sweetness makes Eau Belle an alluring pick for those who appreciate a subtle touch of playfulness in their scent.

Summer and spring are the seasons where Eau Belle truly shines. Its light, breezy notes evoke the feel of sunny days and blossoming flowers, making it a perfect companion on warm days. Whether you're planning a leisurely day out or heading for an important business meeting, this fragrance knows how to adapt and make a positive impression.

That being said, it's worth mentioning that Eau Belle's longevity and sillage may not be as strong as you'd expect. It is a rather delicate scent that stays close and fades softly, making it a more personal scent for the wearer rather than a statement fragrance.

All in all, Eau Belle by Azzaro is a pleasant, refreshing fragrance with a quaint charm. It's perfect for those who appreciate light, fresh perfumes with a hint of floral and fruity sweetness.

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