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Citrus Riviera by bdk Parfums

Citrus Riviera by bdk Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Mane, Ralf Schwieger

What Does Citrus Riviera Smell Like

Citrus Riviera by bdk Parfums opens with a bright citrusy scent, heavily influenced by the Italian mandarin orange and lemon, with a subtle sweetness from the fig. The Moroccan neroli lends a somewhat floral, sweet and honeyed touch to this initial impression. As the citrus notes begin to mellow, the heart of the perfume comes to the fore. Here, the Moroccan orange blossom absolute dominates, providing a fresh, sweet, and clean aroma that is recognizable yet distinctive. The sharp and cooling scent of eucalyptus, the dry and slightly sweet fragrance of immortelle absolute, the rich and exotic aroma of jasmine, and a hint of sweet strawberry adds complexity to the heart notes.

As the perfume continues to evolve, the base notes begin to shine through. The tonka bean absolute gives off a warm, sweet smell with hints of vanilla, almond, and cinnamon, which nicely balances the earthy, slightly sweet and spicy scent of Indonesian patchouli. The white musk brings a soft and subtle musky aroma, while the Haitian vetiver adds a woody, smoky, and earthy touch to the mix. Overall, Citrus Riviera is a bright, fresh, and complex perfume with a prominent citrus aroma complemented by sweet, floral, green, and earthy undertones.

Review of Citrus Riviera

Citrus Riviera by bdk Parfums, released in 2020, is a potent combination of fresh, citrusy and fruity notes, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a vibrant and lively fragrance. The most pronounced citrus blend of Italian mandarin orange and lemon gives it a tangy edge, which is rather appealing to the senses. The addition of Moroccan neroli and fig brings a much needed subtlety, making it not overwhelmingly citrusy.

This perfume is particularly popular among men. Its fresh and green scent creates an aura of casual sophistication and a sense of freedom, perfect for those who appreciate a laid-back approach to life.

However, Citrus Riviera is not a one-note wonder. Its aquatic and floral undertones make it stand out from other purely citrus-based perfumes, adding an unexpected layer of complexity. For those who prefer a more nuanced fragrance, this might be a worthwhile choice.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Citrus Riviera may not rank the highest, but it's decent enough for a casual day out and about. But if you're looking for something that leaves a powerful trail or lasts all day, you might want to look elsewhere.

The perfume finds its best expression during the warmer months of spring and summer, with its freshness resonating well with the season's vibe. Its suitability for daily wear and leisure occasions make it a versatile choice for those seeking a go-to perfume.

In terms of value, Citrus Riviera falls in the mid-range category. While it's not exactly a steal, it's worth considering for its unique combination of fresh, fruity and green notes.

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