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Oud Abramad by bdk Parfums

Oud Abramad by bdk Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016

Key Notes of Oud Abramad

What Does Oud Abramad Smell Like

The initial scent of Oud Abramad by bdk Parfums presents a lively interplay of saffron and ginger, which introduces a vibrant, warm spice to the nose. This aromatic introduction then subtly transitions into the heart of the perfume where a different spice, cumin's earthy warmth, mingles with the subtle, floral sweetness of Turkish rose.

As this blend develops on the skin, it leads to the perfume's true character, a rich and robust base marked by its dominant note, oud. The oud's deep, heavy woodiness is beautifully underscored by the resinous, smoky notes of frankincense and the slightly sweet, smoky scent of gaiac wood. Castoreum brings an animalic warmth, while orcanox introduces a dry, woody undertone. The perfume concludes with hints of cistus, adding a faint, balsamic resinous scent, and patchouli, contributing a mild earthy and woody aroma.

Throughout the wear, Oud Abramad reveals a persuasive oriental tale, fusing the spiciness of the top notes, the floral touch in the heart, and the complex woody, smoky, and resinous character in the base. It offers an aromatic journey that is both assertive and comforting, rugged yet welcoming, creating a beautifully textured, olfactive narrative.

Review of Oud Abramad

BDK Parfums' Oud Abramad is an appealing option for those who appreciate a mature, robust fragrance that doesn't shy away from asserting its presence. Unfolding on a spicy note with an invigorating hint of saffron and ginger, it's a perfume that captivates while still maintaining a sense of enigma. The scent profile leans towards spiciness and woodiness, giving it a rich, earthy feel that's ideal for the colder months of fall and winter.

This perfume has an oriental inspiration and its animalic touch only intensifies its allure. It's a fragrance that is not for the faint-hearted, as the dominant oud base is weighty, smoky, and will undoubtedly leave a strong impression. Nevertheless, the inclusion of Turkish rose in the heart notes softens the intensity lightly, adding a touch of unexpected elegance to the overall experience.

Oud Abramad is particularly suitable for the evening and night out occasions, where its magnificent depth and strong sillage can truly shine. However, this perfume might not be the best choice for business or daily use given its powerful aroma, which may be overwhelming in confined or professional spaces.

It is important to note that while this perfume claims to be unisex, it seems to resonate more deeply with men. It's possible that the potency of the scent, combined with the generous use of oud and other traditionally masculine notes, may deter some women from embracing it.

In terms of value, Oud Abramad is reasonably priced for its quality and longevity. The scent lasts long, ensuring you get value for your investment. However, its assertive and dominating profile may not appeal to everyone, making it a somewhat risky investment for those new to the world of niche perfumes.

In summary, Oud Abramad is a bold, spicy-woody perfume that celebrates the opulence of oriental fragrances. Its powerful sillage and longevity make it a standout pick for men who crave a daring scent for special evening occasions. If you're willing to take a fragrant adventure and stray from more mainstream options, Oud Abramad could be the scent you're seeking.

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