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Tubéreuse Impériale by bdk Parfums

Tubéreuse Impériale by bdk Parfums
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Cécile Matton, Mane

What Does Tubéreuse Impériale Smell Like

Tubéreuse Impériale by bdk Parfums initially greets you with a peppery punch softened by the subtle floral charm of Egyptian geranium. This opening evolves into a heart defined by the prominent scent of Indian tuberose, a deep, intoxicating floral that stands at the core of this fragrance. The tuberose is complemented by the exotic sweetness of Comorian ylang-ylang and the bright, heady scent of both jasmine sambac and Egyptian jasmine, with a whisper of the subdued, powdery elegance of iris infused in the mix.

As the perfume unfolds, a rich creaminess emerges, a result of the warm, slightly sweet Bourbon vanilla, paired with the musky, woodsy notes of cashmeran and a touch of the exotic woody sweetness of sandalwood. The benzoic accent of Sumatra benzoin adds a hint of vanilla-like sweetness tempered by a subtle, resinous undertone. Cypress brings in a slight, earthy greenness to the fragrance's base, further deepened by the earthy, slightly sweet and spicy notes of Singapore patchouli, while Somalian frankincense adds a hint of aromatic, balsamic depth, giving the scent its final touch. The overall scent is a blend of spicy, sweet, creamy, and floral aromas, interspersed with hints of fruitiness.

Review of Tubéreuse Impériale

BDK Parfums' Tubéreuse Impériale is a well-rounded fragrance that predominantly appeals to women. Its allure lies in its vivid floral character, beautifully dominated by the Indian tuberose and enriched with other floral elements like Jasmine Sambac and Egyptian jasmine. This perfume is no simple floral, though. It's given depth with sweet, creamy, and spicy hints that make it a complex and engaging scent.

While it can be enjoyed at any time of the year, it truly shines during the transitional seasons of spring and fall. Its rich, creamy heart makes it a comforting companion on those breezy autumn days, while the sweet and floral notes are perfect for uplifting the spirit during the fresh days of spring.

The perfume isn’t limited to a specific occasion; it can be worn on a night out, during leisure activities, and even in a daily routine. Though, it does have a touch of elegance that lends itself well to evening events. A careful balance between being present without being overwhelming makes Tubéreuse Impériale a versatile choice.

However, the perfume falls a bit short in terms of value. Despite its appealing scent and admirable longevity, the price tag might seem a bit steep for some. Also, while the unisex label is appreciated, the scent appears to lean more towards feminine preferences.

In conclusion, if you’re a woman who loves an enchanting cocktail of floral, sweet, and creamy notes and doesn’t mind the price, then BDK Parfums' Tubéreuse Impériale might be worth considering.

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