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Wood Jasmin by bdk Parfums

Wood Jasmin by bdk Parfums
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Camille Leguay

What Does Wood Jasmin Smell Like

Wood Jasmin by bdk Parfums opens with a distinctive aroma of ripe plum, enhanced by a hint of juicy pear. As the fragrance unfolds, a spirited blend of Egyptian jasmine and jasmine sambac becomes central to the scent’s profile, eloquently entwined with the soft, herbal nuances of davana and just a whisper of Turkish rose. The heart of this perfume is a floral bouquet with a spicy edge.

As the initial floral impression tapers off, the base notes introduce a deep, earthy facet. Indonesian patchouli stands out prominently, setting a warm, resinous tone that is further enriched by the smooth, creamy sweetness of Bourbon vanilla. Beneath that, the comforting aroma of Peru balsam emerges, alongside the smoky undertones of Somalian frankincense. The scent profile is elegantly anchored with the resinous whispers of Spanish labdanum and a hint of earthy Nagarmotha.

Overall, Wood Jasmin is reminiscent of a stroll within a blooming, fragrant orchard intertwined with the mysterious depths of an aromatic forest. A vibrant, fruity beginning gives way to a spicy floral heart, before settling into a warm, resinous base, making the perfume a delightful journey of olfactory surprises.

Review of Wood Jasmin

BDK Parfums' Wood Jasmin is a remarkable unisex perfume, especially favored by mature women, that pays tribute to the art of fine fragrance creation. This scent embodies the spirit of an evening in autumn or winter, capturing its essence with a well-defined and robust composition. The perfume unfolds like a complex, yet harmonious tale, each note chosen with meticulous care to build a truly memorable scent story.

The composition opens with a somewhat sweet and fruity prelude, the unmistakable presence of plum being a key player. This initial sweetness is quickly enveloped by a rich symphony of spicy and resinous tones, creating an olfactory experience that is both warm and inviting. A hint of smoke adds an unexpected twist to the scent, while the woody undertones lend an enduring foundation to the overall fragrance.

Wood Jasmin is an ideal choice for those nocturnal affairs or a relaxed night out, with its inviting blend of floral and oriental notes ensuring your presence is noticed, but never overpowering. The perfume shows good longevity, although the value may not be as high as some other options in the market.

While it's a scent that might not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if you lean towards lighter, fresher perfumes, it's a captivating option for those who appreciate a bolder fragrance profile. To sum it up, BDK Parfums' Wood Jasmin is a perfume that invites close contact, a scent that invites you to lean in and explore its deeper layers. It's not without its flaws, but it's certainly a scent that leaves an impression.

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