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Momentum Intense by Bentley

Momentum Intense by Bentley
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson
Brand: Bentley

Key Notes of Momentum Intense

What Does Momentum Intense Smell Like

Upon initial encounter, Momentum Intense by Bentley gives off a distinct whiff of fresh and sparkly bergamot mixed with a slightly balsamic hint of elemi resin. A soft lavender note lingers in the background, creating a sensation of floral sweetness. The intensity of the lavender, however, is not overwhelming and gently melds with the other elements. The transition to the heart of the perfume is smooth, revealing a warm and slightly sweet tonka bean scent, harmoniously unified with the slightly minty and rosy facets of geranium. A whisper of ambergris adds a subtle marine touch, lending an overall synthetic feel to the heart.

As the perfume develops, it dries down to a woodsy base dominated by the creamy, subtly sweet and earthy scent of sandalwood. The presence of musk deepens the base, leading to a truly masculine finish. Despite the potency of the sandalwood, the overall base maintains a sense of lightness, thanks to the inclusion of an indistinct airy woods note. In essence, Momentum Intense by Bentley is a sweet, spicy, and woody fragrance that gives off a fresh, clean, and subtly synthetic aroma.

Review of Momentum Intense

Bentley's Momentum Intense, released in 2017, is a well-crafted perfume that appears to resonate most strongly with the male demographic. Its allure lies in its rich, yet not overwhelming, amalgamation of scents that represent a little bit of everything - sweetness, spiciness, woodiness, freshness, and a hint of fruitiness and florals.

The perfume opens with a noticeable, but not overpowering, lavender scent, setting a calm and relaxing tone. This is then beautifully complemented by the spicy undertones of elemi resin and the refreshing hint of bergamot. The perfume's heart reveals a blend of tonka bean and geranium, offering a sweet and slightly floral aroma that adds depth and complexity to the overall scent profile.

Momentum Intense pulls its longevity from the foundational notes of warm sandalwood, musk, and woods, which linger subtly yet noticeably, making it a suitable choice for those requiring a long-lasting fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. However, the scent, while appealing, isn’t groundbreaking, and the longevity is commendable, but certainly not the best in the market.

This perfume seems to be an excellent fit for fall and spring, effortlessly transitioning between these seasons. It seems to be versatile enough for various occasions - whether it's for daily use, a leisurely outing, a night out, business meetings, or an evening event. It's a reliable, go-to fragrance that can enhance your presence without stealing the show.

In summary, Bentley's Momentum Intense is a reliable, versatile, and well-rounded perfume. Its scent isn't revolutionary, but it's a safe and pleasant choice for individuals who prefer fragrances that are subtle and complex, yet comforting and familiar.

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