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A.E.O.M. by Bijon

Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Brand: Bijon

Key Notes of A.E.O.M.

What Does A.E.O.M. Smell Like

A.E.O.M. by Bijon opens with an intense and full-bodied aroma. The top notes reveal a boozy ambiance, a rich cognac smell blended with a subtle sweetness of dates. The scent is intricately layered with fragrant davana and fresh and zesty orange, while the undertones of rum CO2 and a hint of bergamot add complexity to the aroma.

The perfume transitions smoothly into the heart, where the spicy scent of cloves and cinnamon meets the floral sweetness of rose absolute. A touch of geranium adds a fresh, green character while the nutmeg and white blossoms provide more depth. Ylang-ylang further sweetens the mix, infusing the scent with a slightly exotic feel.

A.E.O.M. by Bijon concludes with a woody, smoky base of frankincense, the most prominent note at this stage. The resinous scent of cedar, gaiac wood, and Thai oud intertwines with the sweet, soft aroma of vanilla and tonka bean. The earthy notes of patchouli and vetiver are subtly present, with a faint, lingering scent of benzoin, everlasting flower, labdanum, and tuberose absolute providing a lasting finish. The fruitiness in the base adds a playful aspect to this otherwise deep and complex scent.

Review of A.E.O.M.

Bijon's A.E.O.M. is a bold perfume that bravely treads the line between tradition and innovation. Released in 2017, this unisex fragrance skillfully defies strict categorization, inviting a wide demographic, with a slightly higher appeal towards men.

Its scent, primarily driven by spicy, smoky, and woody undertones, brings to mind the warmth and comfort of a crackling fireplace. The sweet, resinous notes add a depth of richness, making it feel like a grand tapestry of aromas. The unique blend of floral, fruity, oriental, and animalic nuances brings a dynamic, ever-changing character that will keep you engaged.

A.E.O.M. truly shines during the cold seasons. Its warm and inviting aura makes it a perfect companion for winter and fall, providing a comforting embrace against the chill. It's well suited for night outs and evening gatherings, where its opulent and mysterious scent can truly stand out.

However, A.E.O.M. might not be everyone's cup of tea. The complex blend could be overwhelming for those who prefer lighter, cleaner fragrances. And while its longevity and sillage are impressive, it may come across as too strong and imposing in small, enclosed spaces or during balmy summer days.

To sum it up, Bijon's A.E.O.M. is a perfume that refuses to be boxed into stereotypes. It's a bold, rich, and complex fragrance that demands attention, making it a great choice for those who love to stand out. But like any work of art, it requires a certain taste to fully appreciate its depth and complexity.

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