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Menthe Froide by Bijon

Menthe Froide by Bijon
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Brand: Bijon

What Does Menthe Froide Smell Like

Menthe Froide by Bijon starts off with a crisp and effervescent smell. The initial scent projects a strong citrusy aroma, led by lemon and highlighted with the subtle sweetness of mandarin orange. Underneath these bright top notes, there's a subtle sharpness from accents of pink pepper and a hint of green freshness from petitgrain.

As the top notes soften, a cool and aromatic fusion of peppermint and curly mint takes the lead. This minty middle layer is complemented with a cooling ice accord that gives the fragrance an almost frosty character. Alongside, there's a floral undertone contributed by lavender and a mild spicy hint from caraway which adds a hint of warmth to the otherwise cold heart.

The base reveals a soft, resinous aroma from frankincense, complemented with the creamy sweetness from sandalwood. Simultaneously, earthy oakmoss and musk add depth. The perfume finishes with a touch of marine-like scent from ambergris and a warm, woody essence from vetiver, layered with a hint of ambroxan that imparts an abstract, almost mineral-like aroma. Menthe Froide offers a fresh, green, and subtly spicy scent with a woody undercurrent, making it a unique unisex fragrance.

Review of Menthe Froide

Menthe Froide from Bijon is a perfume that goes beyond the norm. At first sniff, its freshness is evident, with a clear focus on mint and citrus elements. It is not for the faint-hearted or those who prefer sweet and floral scents. The fresh, green scent profile of this perfume makes it a perfect choice for the warmer months of spring and summer for both men and women.

The scent opens with a blast of cool aldehydes and lemon, providing an invigorating start. As the perfume evolves, the peppermint and curly mint notes become more prominent, which gives it an individualistic twist. Although the perfume leans towards the masculine side, it doesn’t alienate women, making it a versatile choice for everyone.

As for occasions, Menthe Froide is a perfume that can be worn leisurely or on a daily basis. It is casual enough to wear to the office, yet it has an edge that can make it suitable for a night out. It's not the longest lasting perfume in the market, so a reapplication might be necessary for all-day wear.

The perfume's value is where it falls short. At a higher price point, some may find it less appealing, especially for a fragrance that requires frequent reapplication. However, the unique blend of fresh and green notes may be worth the investment for those seeking a scent that stands out from traditional offerings.

In conclusion, Bijon’s Menthe Froide is a daring and refreshing scent, perfect for those who enjoy aromatic and green fragrances. Its fresh and cool theme is a welcome change from the typical warm, sweet scents. The perfume will certainly turn heads and leave a memorable impression.

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