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Eilish by Billie Eilish

Eilish by Billie Eilish
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2021
Perfumer: Steve DeMercado

What Does Eilish Smell Like

Eilish by Billie Eilish opens with a playful sweetness derived from candied blossoms, underpinned by a tart citrus note from mandarin orange, and a hint of tangy red berries. This initial profile is mouthwateringly inviting, almost reminiscent of a finely crafted dessert, yet with a fruity freshness that keeps it from being overly saccharine.

The heart of the fragrance evolves into a rich and indulgent blend where the sweet, comforting aroma of vanilla takes center stage, accompanied by the deep, chocolatey scent of cocoa. A subtle dusting of spices adds a layer of complexity without overshadowing the dominant gourmand notes, providing an interesting twist to the overall sweetness.

The dry down reveals a warm, creamy base where the tonka bean lends a caramel-like sweetness that merges beautifully with the faint, animalistic musk. The addition of a generic woods note grounds the composition, providing a slightly earthy, timber-like undertone. This anchors the sweet, gourmand elements, preventing the scent from becoming too cloying and adding a touch of unisex appeal.

In essence, Eilish is an olfactory journey that leads you through a garden of sweet blossoms, onto a heavenly dessert table, and finally into a comforting, wood-paneled lounge. Its progression from fruity sweetness to creamy warmth is both delectable and soothing.

Review of Eilish

Eilish by Billie Eilish is a treat for the senses, especially for those who appreciate a gourmand scent. This perfume leans heavily into sweetness, with a rich and creamy undertone that brings to mind a decadent dessert. Yet, it doesn't become cloying, thanks to the unexpected hint of fruity freshness. There's also a touch of powdery floral notes, a nod to traditional fragrances.

Its scent profile makes it a perfect companion for colder weather, when you might want to wrap yourself in something comforting. This perfume performs admirably in winter and fall, though it can also bring warmth and depth to spring days.

The scent seems informal, perfect for leisurely occasions. It's like the olfactory equivalent of a cozy night in or a casual evening out. However, it can add an interesting twist to your daily routine, and even accompany you to business meetings.

While Eilish is unisex, women are more likely to appreciate its sweet, creamy allure. However, it can also be a unique choice for men seeking a departure from typical masculine scents. With Eilish, you're getting a fragrance that's decidedly contemporary, offering a reprieve from run-of-the-mill perfumes.

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