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Come L'Amore by Bois 1920

Come L'Amore by Bois 1920
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2011
Perfumer: Enzo Galardi
Brand: Bois 1920

What Does Come L'Amore Smell Like

Come L'Amore by Bois 1920 opens with a bright splash of South African freesia and Calabrian green mandarin orange. These top notes bring an initial floral, citrusy aroma, lightened and electrified by a stimulating solar note. This sunlit zest is tempered by a soothing hint of white tea and a subtle undertone of mirabelle plum, introducing a soft fruity sweetness to the mix.

As the perfume unfurls, the heart notes come into play. A dominant scent of gardenia is immediately noticeable, surrounded by a light touch of pink pepper that adds a bit of spice. The floral bouquet extends further to feature a blend of Egyptian jasmine and Grasse rose, adding an exotic and classical fragrance, respectively. The jasmine sambac adds a tinge of smooth, floral depth.

In the dry down, the base notes complete the olfactory journey. The fragrance is grounded in a warm, powdery white musk, subtly contrasted by the resinous scent of styrax. The presence of Atlas cedar offers a faint woody touch, while the Benzoin Siam adds a creamy, slightly sweet aroma. The final nuance of Orcanox completes the perfume with a dry, ambery undertone. Altogether, Come L'Amore offers a rich, sweet, and moderately spicy sensation infused with floral and creamy accents.

Review of Come L'Amore

Come L'Amore by Bois 1920 is a perfume that whispers of springtime, blooming with a blend of floral and sweet notes. It's a scent that doesn't shout but has a presence, making it perfect for leisurely days or relaxed evenings. Its powdery undercurrent is a nod to classic perfumery, while the spicy undertones hint at a bit of unpredictability. This perfume is like a soft, comforting shawl - warm, creamy, and just a touch fruity. Its freshness is a gentle reminder of greener days, without being overly sharp or overtly crisp. While it leans more towards the feminine, it can still be appreciated by those who prefer a scent with a softer, sweeter edge. This is a scent that feels personal, like a well-kept secret or a cherished memory. It's not for the ostentatious, but rather for those who enjoy understated elegance in their everyday routines. Its longevity is decent, not overpowering but noticeable in its quiet, charming way.

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