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La Vaniglia by Bois 1920

bois la vaniglia
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Perfumer: Enzo Galardi
Brand: Bois 1920

Key Notes of La Vaniglia

What Does La Vaniglia Smell Like

La Vaniglia by Bois 1920 is a women's perfume that offers a distinctive blend of smoky, gourmand, and sweet accords. The fragrance reveals a subtle spiciness, making it an oriental scent with a touch of woodiness and a powdery finish. The opening features a hint of pepper, complemented by the gentle presence of bergamot, mandarin orange, and mint. As the scent develops, it introduces the dominant note of frankincense, supported by a soft touch of ginger and a trace of patchouli. The base of this perfume is characterized by a prominent and inviting vanilla note, which brings warmth to the composition. Overall, La Vaniglia provides an intriguing olfactory experience that combines a smoky essence with a gourmand sweetness, balanced by spicy and oriental undertones.

Review of La Vaniglia

La Vaniglia, a women's fragrance released by Bois 1920 in 2010, has earned a reputation for its unique balance of smoky, gourmand, sweet, spicy, oriental, woody, and powdery elements. The scent is predominantly favored by women, but its versatility has also attracted some male connoisseurs. The perfume's longevity is certainly one of its strengths, ensuring that the wearer will make a lasting impression throughout the day or night.

In terms of occasions, La Vaniglia is most suitable for winter and fall seasons, adding warmth to the cooler months with its smoky and spicy characteristics. It is an ideal choice for evening events and nights out, but it can also be worn for leisurely activities or daily use. However, it may not be the best option for formal business settings.

While the fragrance is appreciated by women of all ages, it leans more towards a mature audience and is less favored by younger individuals. The scent's complexity and depth may not be as appealing to those seeking a lighter or more straightforward fragrance.

In summary, La Vaniglia by Bois 1920 is a remarkable and long-lasting women's fragrance with a diverse range of scent elements. It is best suited for winter and fall seasons, evening events, or casual outings. The perfume will likely be more appreciated by a mature audience looking for a versatile and unique scent.

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