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Notturno Fiorentino by Bois 1920

Notturno Fiorentino by Bois 1920
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Perfumer: Enzo Galardi
Brand: Bois 1920

What Does Notturno Fiorentino Smell Like

Notturno Fiorentino by Bois 1920 begins with a stimulating and piquant waft of black pepper, subtly accompanied by the clean, citrusy scent of Calabrian bergamot. This initial sensory greeting evolves, revealing a heart of sweet, juicy blackcurrant, paired beautifully with the heady, exotic aroma of Egyptian jasmine. A hint of Turkish rose adds a soft, velvety floral undertone, lending a romantic touch to the composition.

As the perfume continues to unfold, the base notes surface, offering a tantalizing blend of warm and sensual aromas. The rich, almost chocolaty scent of tonka bean takes the forefront, exuding an enticing coziness. Accents of bourbon vanilla offer a soft, creamy sweetness that further enhances the perfume's overall appeal. Cedarwood makes its presence known, adding a touch of earthy, woody depth to the warm sweetness. The perfume concludes with a whiff of musk, adding a layer of depth and sensuality to the delightful blend.

Overall, Notturno Fiorentino smells like a floral-sweet symphony, a delightful dance of captivating scents, each note given space to shine without overwhelming the others. It leaves behind a trail of warmth, sweetness, and gentle spice, resulting in a well-rounded, charming olfactory experience.

Review of Notturno Fiorentino

Notturno Fiorentino by Bois 1920 is a fragrance that clearly caters to a mature, feminine audience. It resonates with a floral sweetness that's tempered by a soft, powdery undertone. You can also detect a hint of fruitiness which adds a delightful contrast to the spicy, gourmand notes. This balance makes the scent complex and interesting.

The woody and oriental elements give it depth, making it perfect for wearing in the chillier months of fall and winter. It's a fantastic choice for an evening event or a night out, adding an extra touch of elegance to your attire. It is versatile enough to wear during leisurely activities or daily errands, and can even be an interesting choice for the office.

In terms of longevity and sillage, Notturno Fiorentino performs admirably, leaving a lasting impression without being overwhelming. Although it may not be the most budget-friendly fragrance, the rich scent profile definitely boosts its value.

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