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New York Nights by Bond No. 9

New York Nights by Bond No. 9
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Bond No. 9

Key Notes of New York Nights

What Does New York Nights Smell Like

New York Nights by Bond No. 9 is a scent that paints a picture of a vibrant, bustling city at the height of its nightlife. Its initial impact is a bouquet of gardenia, carnation, and jasmine; a sweet, floral opening that's very feminine. This combination gives the perfume a magnetic floral aroma that's noticeable, but not overpowering.

As the scent evolves, the emission of floral notes continues, subtly underscored by a grounded hint of patchouli and sandalwood. You also begin to detect a soft infusion of marine notes, reminiscent of a cool sea breeze against the cityscape.

Eventually, the perfume settles into its base, which is dominated by a prominent caramel note. This offers an irresistible sweetness that wraps the perfume in warmth, making it feel cozy and inviting. A dash of coffee mingles with the caramel, adding a slight richness that gives the perfume a delectably creamy and gourmand undertone.

In short, New York Nights is a mix of floral, sweet, and gourmand notes fused with soft creaminess and a fruity touch, creating an essence that perfectly encapsulates a woman's cosmopolitan night out in the city.

Review of New York Nights

New York Nights by Bond No. 9 is a perfume that takes you on a sensory journey to the city that never sleeps. This fragrance, released in 2017, has a noticeable sweet and floral character, making it a perfect accompaniment to the refreshing chill of fall and the cozy warmth of winter.

The scent opens with a soft bloom of gardenia, carnation, and jasmine, a trio that lends a touch of timeless elegance. As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes of floral, patchouli, and marine notes come to play, adding depth and complexity. The base, rich with caramel and a hint of coffee, gives a delightful twist, reminiscent of a late-night dessert in a bustling city café.

However, despite its notable sillage and longevity, New York Nights might not be for everyone. This perfume leans heavily towards a sweet, gourmand profile, which might not appeal to those who prefer a lighter, fresher scent. Women, in particular, tend to favour this fragrance, perhaps due to its more traditional, feminine scent profile.

Its richness of character makes it an excellent choice for a night out or an evening gathering. However, its heavy sweetness might be a bit much for a daily scent or a business setting. The value is a bit hit-or-miss, as the price point might deter some.

In conclusion, New York Nights by Bond No. 9 is a vibrant, sweet, and floral fragrance, inspired by the energy and glamour of the city it's named after. If you enjoy indulging in a perfume that's a little bit decadent and a whole lot of fun, this might just be the fragrance for you.

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