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West Side by Bond No. 9

West Side by Bond No. 9
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2006
Perfumer: Michel Almairac
Brand: Bond No. 9

Key Notes of West Side

What Does West Side Smell Like

West Side by Bond No. 9 is unisex perfume that greets the senses with a vibrant bouquet of peony and rose. The floral top notes are potent yet pleasing, creating a lively and bright initial impression. Adding to the floral blend, a gentle touch of ylang-ylang brings a tropical nuance to the fragrance profile. However, the sweet floral notes do not linger too long alone, as they are soon joined by warmer, richer middle notes. The depth of amber and the creamy, milky character of sandalwood provide a grounded anchor to the fluttery top notes. This transition into a more earthy centre offers a contrasting, yet complementary, twist to the initial floral blast. As the fragrance matures, it reveals its base notes, where the comforting aroma of vanilla combines with the animalistic scent of musk. The end result is an enticing blend that is sweet without being cloying, floral without being overly feminine, and woody without being too heavy. This scent evolves from light and floral to warm and sensual, painting an aroma portrait that is layered, textured, and vibrant.

Review of West Side

West Side by Bond No. 9 is a perfume that feels like a celebration of life in an urban landscape. The scent is unmistakably floral with prominent peony and rose notes, yet it does not shy away from incorporating sweet and powdery elements. This intermingling creates a wonderful aroma that is neither overly feminine nor masculine, making it perfect for anyone who prefers a versatile scent that transcends gender boundaries.

This perfume truly comes to life in the fall season, where its sweet and floral tones can play off the crisp, autumn air. Its warm undertones also make it equally suitable for spring and winter. In terms of occasions, its lusciousness makes it a great choice for a night out or a leisurely evening. However, the perfume's sweetness might be a bit too much for daytime wear in a business setting.

The longevity of West Side is one of its strong suits. It lasts well into the day, and its sillage is just right—not too overpowering but noticeable enough. However, it's worth noting that its value may be subjective. The quality is undoubtedly there, but the price point may deter some, particularly those new to the world of perfumes.

To sum up, West Side by Bond No. 9 is a distinct fragrance that does an excellent job of capturing the vibrancy of city life. Its floral and sweet notes create a fascinating blend that works well for a diverse range of people. The longevity is impressive, but one should consider the price before making a purchase. It's a perfume that deserves your attention if you're looking for something different and wearable across various occasions and seasons.

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