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Illusione by Bottega Veneta

Illusione by Bottega Veneta
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019

What Does Illusione Smell Like

Illusione by Bottega Veneta opens with a bright, tangy scent, distinctly led by the fruity aroma of blackcurrant. The blackcurrant note is dominant yet not overpowering, creating an inviting and lively initial impression. Complementing the blackcurrant, the citrusy hint of bergamot adds a fresh and zesty undertone, further enhancing the perfume's overall vitality.

As the initial notes start to mellow, the perfume transitions into its heart, revealing a radiant bouquet of orange blossom. The floral scent of orange blossom is prominent and brings a sweet, honey-like quality to the fragrance, giving it a warm and comforting feel. This floral heart is subtly backed by the green, slightly sweet scent of fig leaf, which adds a pleasant earthy undertone to the fragrance.

In the dry down, the perfume reveals its woody base. The distinctive scent of olive wood is prominent, adding a rich, warm, and subtly smoky depth to the fragrance. This woody base is subtly softened by the sweet, almondy aroma of tonka bean, adding a creamy and slightly powdery finish to the fragrance.

Overall, Illusione by Bottega Veneta is a dynamic fragrance, encompassing a wide array of scents from fruity and citrusy to floral and woody, creating an enthralling olfactory journey.

Review of Illusione

Illusione by Bottega Veneta, released in 2019, is an inviting fragrance that primarily speaks to women. Its formulation as an Eau de Parfum lends it an elevated intensity compared to lighter Eau de Toilettes, yet its longevity may not last an entire day, suggesting a need for reapplication.

The profile of Illusione is balanced, with no dominant scent type overpowering the others. It unveils a pleasant blend of fresh, floral, and woody tones, punctuated by hints of citrus and fruit. Subtle notes of sweetness and green aspects add depth, with a whisper of creaminess lending a soft, comforting finish.

This fragrance blooms beautifully in the warmer months of spring and summer, making it a fine choice for daytime wear, whether that's for daily activities, leisurely weekend outings, or professional settings. It has an inherent subtlety that keeps it wearable for an evening outing or sports event without being too assertive. All in all, Illusione offers a balanced, approachable scent experience that's versatile across many settings.

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