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Illusione by Bottega Veneta

Illusione by Bottega Veneta
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2019

What Does Illusione Smell Like

Illusione by Bottega Veneta opens with a bright and zesty wave of lemon, immediately followed by the subtler touch of bitter orange. It's a fresh and citrusy start that's invigorating without being overbearing.

As you continue to breathe in the scent, the composition transitions smoothly into the heart, where the vivid aroma of white cedarwood takes the lead. This intense woody note is softened by the comforting, subtly sweet undertones of fir balsam. Together, these middle notes create a green, forest-like impression, with a hint of spiciness lurking beneath the surface.

As the perfume settles, it unveils its base of tonka bean and vetiver. These earthy elements round out the fragrance beautifully. The tonka bean adds a touch of warmth, its inherent sweetness tempered by the grassy, slightly bitter quality of vetiver.

Overall, Illusione is a scent of contrasts - bright and dark, fresh and warm, citrusy and woody - intricately woven together into a scent that's as invigorating as a stroll through a sunlit forest. It's a testament to Bottega Veneta's skill in creating fragrances that are straightforward yet subtly complex, natural yet unmistakably refined.

Review of Illusione

Released by Bottega Veneta in 2019, Illusione is an eau de toilette that presents a well-balanced blend of citrus and woody notes, giving it a fresh, invigorating scent profile. An ideal choice for men who favor a burst of zest paired with the grounding of earthy tones. Its fresh character makes it a standout choice for the warmer seasons, particularly spring and summer, and is adept for daily wear or a leisurely day out. It also holds its own in a business setting, giving a distinctly professional aroma.

However, the longevity and sillage of Illusione may not meet the expectations of those seeking a scent that lingers long after their departure. A hint of spiciness adds a dash of unpredictability, while a subtle sweetness, creaminess, and resinous undertone round out its composition. Though not overly synthetic, those with a discerning nose may detect a trace. The perfume offers reasonable value, making it a solid choice for men who appreciate an earthy citrus aroma.

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