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Bruno Banani Man by Bruno Banani

Bruno Banani Man by Bruno Banani
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2000

Key Notes of Bruno Banani Man

What Does Bruno Banani Man Smell Like

Bruno Banani Man by Bruno Banani is a men's fragrance that combines spicy, sweet, oriental, fresh, and woody accords to create a memorable olfactory experience. The scent opens with the soothing aroma of lavender and the slight licorice-like hint of star anise, complemented by a touch of fresh basil. This initial blend provides a sense of calm and freshness.

As the fragrance develops, the middle notes introduce a warm and comforting combination of clove, caraway, coffee, and heliotrope. The clove adds a spicy depth, while the caraway brings a mild earthiness. The rich coffee aroma is present but subtle, and the soft, powdery scent of heliotrope adds a gentle touch to the fragrance's heart.

In the base, the scent takes on a sweeter, more oriental tone with prominent tonka bean, which imparts a rich, warm, and slightly almond-like scent. The vanilla adds a smooth sweetness, while the sandalwood contributes a refined woody character to the overall composition.

Overall, Bruno Banani Man is a balanced and intriguing fragrance that combines the freshness of lavender and basil with the warmth and depth of spice, coffee, and oriental notes. This scent is ideal for those who appreciate a complex and well-rounded fragrance that manages to be both fresh and comforting.

Review of Bruno Banani Man

Bruno Banani Man by Bruno Banani, released in the year 2000, is an eau de toilette fragrance designed specifically for men. With its main target audience being men and younger individuals, it has gained popularity for its distinct spicy and sweet scent with hints of oriental notes. The fragrance also includes fresh, woody, synthetic, gourmand, and powdery elements, giving it a diverse and well-rounded aroma.

This perfume is particularly suitable for the fall and winter seasons, as its warm and spicy notes provide a comforting and inviting atmosphere during the colder months. Additionally, the fragrance can be worn during spring and summer, although its presence might be more subtle due to its moderate longevity and sillage.

Bruno Banani Man is versatile in its application, making it suitable for various occasions. Its scent complements daily activities, leisure time, and business events, as well as nights out and evening gatherings. However, it might not be the best choice for sports activities because of its moderate longevity.

Considering its moderate scent, longevity, and sillage ratings, the value of this fragrance is quite reasonable. Overall, Bruno Banani Man is a decent option for those seeking a versatile and affordable perfume that offers a spicy and sweet scent with an oriental touch, perfect for cooler seasons and various occasions.

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