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Brut by Brut

brut unilever brut eau de toilette
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1964
Perfumer: Karl Mann
Brand: Brut

What Does Brut Smell Like

Brut by Brut (Unilever) is a men's fragrance that presents a predominantly green and spicy scent profile. The opening of the perfume reveals a subtle hint of basil, complemented by the freshness of neroli and the calming aroma of true lavender, even though these two notes are not as noticeable. As the fragrance develops, the heart of the composition showcases a prominent geranium note, adding a floral touch to the overall scent experience.

The base of Brut is characterized by a combination of woody, earthy, and mildly sweet elements. Sandalwood and patchouli lend a warm, woody foundation, while white musk, though not particularly prominent, adds a clean, slightly powdery undertone to the fragrance. The fougère accord is present, enhancing the green and fresh aspects of the perfume, making it a suitable choice for those who appreciate classic fougère fragrances.

The overall scent experience of Brut by Brut is a well-rounded blend of green, spicy, fresh, and woody notes, with hints of sweetness, floral, powdery, and citrus elements, creating a well-rounded and versatile fragrance for men.

Review of Brut

Brut by Brut (Unilever), released in 1964, is an eau de toilette designed for men. This classic fragrance features a blend of green, spicy, fresh, sweet, woody, floral, fougère, powdery, and citrus notes. The scent's composition makes it a versatile option that can be worn throughout the year, with a slight preference for spring and fall seasons.

The longevity of Brut is moderate, making it a suitable choice for daily wear, leisure activities, and business environments. Additionally, its sillage is somewhat soft, which means it won't be overwhelming in professional or social settings. The fragrance's value is generally considered to be quite good, providing a quality scent experience without breaking the bank.

Brut is most popular among men, with a particular appeal to an older generation. However, its universal scent profile allows it to be appreciated by younger men as well. Although primarily designed for men, a small percentage of women may also enjoy its aroma.

In conclusion, Brut by Brut is a versatile, moderately long-lasting, and good-value fragrance that is best suited for men, both old and young. Its scent profile makes it appropriate for various occasions, from daily wear to business meetings and evening events.

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