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Her Intense by Burberry

Her Intense by Burberry
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Burberry

Key Notes of Her Intense

What Does Her Intense Smell Like

Her Intense by Burberry opens with an unmistakably sweet and fruity aroma, reminiscent of ripe, juicy blackberries. The initial scent is both rich and bold, exuding a deep, sugary tanginess that is both warm and inviting.

As the fragrance evolves, the scent of jasmine begins to assert itself, bringing with it a subtle, floral touch. Unlike the powerful fruitiness that dominates initially, the jasmine is softer and more understated, adding a gentle layer of complexity to the fragrance. It complements the blackberry rather than competing with it, creating a synergy that is both simple and intriguing.

The perfume finishes with a robust base note of benzoin. This provides a synthetic yet sweet and slightly spicy undertone, adding an undertone of warmth to the overall fragrance. The benzoin melds with the blackberry and jasmine, its gourmand touch enhancing the perfume's sweetness and deepening its fruity richness.

In summary, Her Intense by Burberry is a full-bodied and sweet fragrance that marries bold fruitiness with subtle floral and spicy gourmand notes. It's a perfume that seduces the senses with the richness of ripe blackberries, the gentle softness of jasmine, and the warm richness of resinous benzoin.

Review of Her Intense

Burberry's Her Intense is quite aptly named. This perfume is not for the faint of heart; it's a bold statement piece, with an intense blend of sweet, fruity, and floral aromas that are beautifully woven together. Complementing these scents are more mature undertones of woody and powdery aromas, lending it a sophisticated yet modern edge that sets it apart from the pack.

This perfume comes alive in the cooler months; it's the sort of scent that wraps you up like a warm blanket on cold autumn evenings or crisp winter nights. The potency of its sweet and fruity notes, particularly the blackberry, makes it an excellent choice for an evening out or a night on the town. Yet, it also has the versatility to transition into a casual daytime scent.

One factor worth noting is its longevity. Once applied, this perfume tends to linger, holding its scent well into the day or night. However, the sillage is less impressive, meaning that while the perfume lasts, it doesn't necessarily project as far as one might like.

Her Intense seems to resonate most with women. The mixture of sweet, fruity, and floral aromas, combined with the more mature undertones, makes it a versatile scent that can appeal to a wide range of ages.

When it comes to value, Burberry's Her Intense is a bit of a mixed bag. The quality of the scent and its longevity are impressive, but the somewhat lackluster sillage might be a drawback for some. However, if you're seeking a bold, modern scent with a hint of sophistication, it's certainly worth considering.

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