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My Burberry Blush by Burberry

My Burberry Blush by Burberry
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Brand: Burberry

Key Notes of My Burberry Blush

What Does My Burberry Blush Smell Like

My Burberry Blush by Burberry unfolds with a zesty punch of lemon, amplified by a tart, juicy pomegranate. It's a lively, energizing start that's swiftly met by a core of crisp green apple, lending the scent a fresh, youthful vigor. A duo of floral scents then emerge - the rose note is gentle, soft, and feminine, subtly underscored by a lighter touch of geranium. These flowers give the perfume its heart, providing a floral depth that's not overpowering. As the fragrance settles, a delicately fragrant jasmine note comes into play, adding an element of floral sweetness. This is accompanied by a whisper of wisteria, creating an overall scent that's light, playful, and slightly sweet. The resulting fragrance is a predominantly floral composition, punctuated by fruity highlights and tied together by a subtly sweet underpinning. It's a scent that's fresh and lively, with a hint of sweetness that keeps it from feeling too crisp. It's like walking through a blooming orchard in the spring, the air filled with the scent of ripening fruit and blossoming flowers.

Review of My Burberry Blush

My Burberry Blush is a sprightly fragrance that will appeal to those with a preference for floral and fruity scents. Released by Burberry in 2017, this perfume has a charming character with its evident notes of pomegranate and green apple, which lends it an enjoyable freshness.

Women, especially those on the mature side, will likely find this scent quite appealing. It has a feminine allure without feeling too heavy or overpowering, making it an excellent choice for daily casual wear. However, its light nature might not be ideal for those nights out or formal evening occasions, where a more commanding aroma would be preferable.

My Burberry Blush certainly delivers in terms of longevity, so you can trust it to linger on your skin throughout your workday or leisurely activities. Yet, it doesn't leave an overwhelming trail in your wake, a balance that many will appreciate.

The perfume carries a refreshing sweetness, an attribute of spring and summer days—though some may find it a bit too synthetic and not as natural as they would wish. Its value is decent considering its satisfactory performance and the renowned brand name.

In terms of shortcomings, My Burberry Blush might not be the best pick for those who prefer complex, intense fragrances. It's also not the most versatile, being more suited to daytime wear in warmer seasons.

In conclusion, My Burberry Blush is a delightful option for women looking for a light, casual, and subtly sweet scent that won't overpower their presence or their surroundings.

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