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Bvlgari Man In Black Essence by Bvlgari

Bvlgari Man In Black Essence by Bvlgari
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Bvlgari

Key Notes of Bvlgari Man In Black Essence

What Does Bvlgari Man In Black Essence Smell Like

Bvlgari Man In Black Essence starts off with the distinctive, warming aroma of rum, mingled with a subtle hint of bitter orange. As the scent develops, there's a clear presence of cocoa bean that brings a sweet, almost edible quality to the fragrance. The cocoa bean note is highlighted by an undercurrent of orris absolute, adding a refined, floral softness to the overall scent. As the perfume settles, the base notes emerge. The powerful scent of ebony permeates, lending a grounded, woody resonance. This is tempered with a touch of tonka bean, introducing a nuanced sweetness that offsets the robust ebony. Despite the diverse range of notes, the scent remains coherent and none of the notes overpower each other. Instead, they work together to create a perfume that's spicy yet sweet, woody yet oriental. It's a scent that doesn't shy away from bold notes, but manages to remain elegantly grounded. The perfume feels rich, indulgent, and indulges in gourmand elements without veering into overtly sweet territory. Overall, Bvlgari Man In Black Essence is a complex, intriguing fragrance that offers a harmonious blend of bold, sweet, and warm notes.

Review of Bvlgari Man In Black Essence

Bvlgari Man In Black Essence exudes a stately aura that appeals primarily to men. It is not your everyday perfume, but rather a statement piece for those who dare to be different. This perfume, with its warm and spicy profile, translates into a bold scent, reminiscent of an enigmatic winter evening.

The first spritz of this fragrance unleashes a burst of rum and bitter orange that is intoxicating and attention-grabbing. As this fades, the heart of the fragrance reveals itself; an enchanting mixture of cocoa bean and orris absolute that evokes a sense of intrigue and curiosity. The base of ebony and tonka bean lingers on the skin, creating a smooth and long-lasting finish.

Given its robust nature, this fragrance is a better fit for colder seasons like winter and fall, where its woody and spicy characteristics can truly shine. It's also more appropriate for evening affairs and night outs, as its intensity might be a bit overwhelming for daytime wear or a casual setting.

Despite its high-quality ingredients and impressive longevity, one might feel that the sillage is not as potent as other competitor fragrances in the market, making it a less likely choice for those who prefer a fragrance that leaves a strong trail.

All in all, Bvlgari Man In Black Essence is a distinct and memorable perfume. It's an ideal choice for the mature man who appreciates a strong, warm, and spicy scent that stands out, yet maintains a sense of refined elegance. However, it may not be the best fit for those looking for a light, easy-to-wear daily scent.

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