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Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum by Bvlgari

Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum by Bvlgari
Gender: Women
Release date: 2013
Brand: Bvlgari

Key Notes of Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum

What Does Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum Smell Like

Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum by Bvlgari opens with a tangy, juicy aroma of Italian mandarin oranges. The citrusy scent is bright and refreshing, providing an immediate sense of freshness. This is combined with the subtly aquatic and light floral scent of the lotus.

As the perfume evolves, the middle notes come to the forefront. The powdery scent of orris concrete gently weaves through the fragrance, lending it an earthy, rooty character. The sweet, almond-like scent of heliotrope synergizes perfectly with the orris, adding a slightly floral touch. The lotus note is still present, seamlessly blending with the other notes and maintaining the overall freshness.

The base of the perfume comes into focus with a predominant and clean musk note. It provides a soft, animalistic warmth to the scent, grounding the freshness of the preceding notes with its sensual aroma. The resinous and slightly sweet scent of benzoin Siam adds a hint of vanilla-like depth to the fragrance. Lastly, a light touch of Indian sandalwood is detectable but stays quietly in the background, lending the perfume a subtle woody undertone.

Overall, Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum delivers a sweet, powdery, floral scent with musky and woody undertones. The scent journey moves from a fresh and light opening to a warm and comforting base.

Review of Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum

Bvlgari's Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum, released in 2013, is a scent that speaks to the modern woman. It's a perfume that doesn't shy away from making its presence known, yet does so in a subtle, understated manner. The floral accents are dominant, giving the perfume a feminine touch, and the powdery undertones lend it an air of vintage charm.

The Omnia Crystalline is ideal for spring, a season that aligns wonderfully with its fresh, light-hearted appeal. It also works well in summer and fall, but may lack the warmth needed for the colder winter months. The perfume's longevity could be improved, as it tends to fade slightly quicker than one might prefer.

Women looking for an everyday perfume to accompany them during leisure activities, casual business meetings, or daily errands would find Omnia Crystalline an excellent choice. While not an attention-grabber for evening events or night-outs, it has a certain understated elegance that some may appreciate.

The perfume's most noticeable feature is its lotus note, which is present from the top to the middle, providing a consistent floral theme. Italian mandarin orange adds a zesty freshness while orris concrete lends a powdery texture. The base notes of musk and benzoin siam, however, are not as pronounced as one would expect.

In terms of value, Omnia Crystalline L'Eau de Parfum offers a fair proposition, but it's not a steal given its somewhat fleeting longevity. Overall, this Bvlgari perfume is a charming option for women who appreciate a light, floral scent that's versatile enough.

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